The Roadshow – Huntsville, AL

Tonight over 1200 people were turned away from The Roadshow because the building was too full.  Huntsville, Alabama we were thrilled to spend the night with you.  You guys were truly a blessing to us.  We’re 2 nights into this thing and couldn’t be happier with the way things are going.  There’s something special about traveling with this many believers all focussed on praising the name of Jesus. Thanks for being a part of that tonight Huntsville.

Indy, we’re coming for you.  Let’s fill that place up tomorrow.

Saginaw, MI

Saginaw, you were awesome. We had several technical issues tonight on stage, but you guys were unbelievable. Kicking off this tour here was awesome. You guys sang loud, danced hard and looked like you were having a great time. We had a blast and can’t wait to come back.

Grand Rapids, we’re coming your way tomorrow. Looking forward to another great show.

Lovewell Live 2011

Well, the Lovewell Live 2011 Tour is officially over. We had an absolute blast with Natalie and Brandon. Thanks to everyone who came out to see the show and those that followed this thing online.

Here’s a clip of from tonight’s show. Every night we had a special treat on the side of the stage. Our video guy Jeff would dance so we were the only one’s that could see him. Tonight we had the chance to video this magical moment in the night. We hope you enjoy.

Thanks again. We’ll do it again sometime real soon!

Tyler, TX

Nothing like a big ol’ East Texas party to finish out this short little run before Easter.  Thanks Tyler for making Good Friday such a great one.  We had a blast.

So, check out these fancy “Lovewell” drums that Robby got tonight from Risen Drums.  If you look close they are the same texture and design as our ‘Lovewell’ heart.  Risen you guys hit a home run on these things.  Thanks so much for making them look awesome.

We’re all headed home for Easter we’ll see you again next week.  Everyone enjoy your families.

Muncie, IN

Indiana.  You people are awesome.  Hey, we wanted to do something a little different tonight and recognize the folks at the show that are on Twitter.  Now, you guys know that we love the Twitter and spend a great deal of time there.  When you guys talk to us, we are most definitely paying attention.  So here’s a few folks from the show tonight that we’d like to simply say ‘Thanks For Coming’ to:

@charcoleen69: @NatalieGrant @brandonheath @mercyme MOST EXCELLENT SHOW TONITE (in the voice of Bill n Ted’s Excellent Adventure)!!

@Kalliecline: @mercyme thank you for the CD! Awesome concert!  Front row orch pit!

@TheStupidZebra: Just finished seeing @mercyme @brandonheath and @nataliegrant . You guys brought the house down, thanks 😉

@Official_AMM: listening to @mercyme :] I love finally home this song is amazing and it’s so inspiring love it!!!

@Angiworld: @brandonheath @mercyme @nataliegrant Such an amazing show! Thank you all for your heart-felt beautiful music

Thanks guys for making tonight a great night.  We’re headed home for a couple days, then we’re in Texas next week.

Jackson, MS

Jackson, you guys braved the weather and showed up tonight in a big way.  We spent most of the day ducking and covering the crazy storm today, but when we were able to get out and see your town we couldn’t help but notice how nicely brick everything was.  We heard your mayor likes it that way so, way to go mayor.

A little basketball later in the afternoon and a great show tonight.  Thanks for making the trip Jackson.  We loved spending our evening with you.

Beaumont, TX

Tonight we kicked off the Spring leg of the Lovewell Live Tour with Natalie Grant and Brandon Heath in Beaumont, TX. What a great place to start. You guys sang great and were a perfect start to this tour.

We couldn’t be more excited to start this thing off and can’t wait to bring you some new, fun things on this site. One main thing we wanted to do was remind you all of Gowalla. Here’s the deal. The first three people that check in to each of the shows will be notified on Twitter that they win a free CD at the merch table. So make sure to get there early and check in.

Also, if you come to the show make sure to put any pictures you take on our Facebook Page. We’d love to see them.

College Station, we’re headed there tomorrow. We’ll see you soon.

Sacramento, CA

16,400 people.  Sacramento.  You guys were insane!  There’s big, loud crowds and then there’s Sacramento.  You people know how to party.  We had an unbelievable time last night in your city.  Thanks for having us out.  We got there late so we had to rush to get things set up, but you people made it worth it.

I was talking to a parking lot attendant and he said he’d worked there for almost 20 years and he’d never seen so many people show up for an event.  So many people that they had to shut down the parking lot even.  Sounds like Sacramento is a good home for The Roadshow for years to come.  If there were ever a perfect evening, Sacramento, you guys were a part of it.

Thanks again, we will see you next year.