Colorado Springs, CO

World Arena, Colorado Springs we love visiting you people. We know school was closed today, but you guys blew us away and made tonight a special night.

Today Bart and I had a chance to go up in a helicopter tour and take a look at your amazing city so if you saw a blue helicopter flying over you, that was us. What a beautiful area. Colorado, you are one of our favorites.

We’ll see you again soon.

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis. What the heck? You people showed up hardcore tonight. There were TONS of you out there. What a great show. Thanks for spending your night with us. We wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Today we had the amazing opportunity to visit the Indianapolis Colts training facility and play a little game of flag football. It was a competitive game but clearly, by the looks of this picture you can tell who came out on top.

Thanks for making it a special night Indy.  You’ve become one of our favorite stops on this thing.

Hiawassee, GA

North Georgia. What a great show. We spent some time on the lake today fishing and had an amazing time with you tonight. We’re not sure there are many more beautiful places on the planet than where you live. Thanks for sharing your city with us for the day.

And now for a fun little game called “Caption Please”. Here’s a fun little picture of Barry trying to communicate with our monitor guy Daniel. Let’s hear it. Give us your best caption of what Barry is saying.

The Roadshow – Spokane, WA

Spokane. What can we say? You guys were awesome. I know it seems like every night we are getting on here and saying that the crowd was awesome and we had a blast in your town, but Spokane, tonight the crowd was awesome and we had a blast in your town.

Seriously though. What an amazing crowd. We intentionally save these last two weeks for the end because we knew you guys would be nuts and you have no disappointed. These past few shows have been absolutely insane and we can’t wait to wrap this thing up with California next week.

We’re headed home for a few days with our families, but we’ll be back in Ontario on Thursday. Thanks for hanging out with us tonight Washington. We’ll see you again next year.

Hoover Dam

Tonight we were in Las Vegas so a couple of us decided to hop on the scooters and see what we could find.  30 miles later we were at Hoover Dam.  Now, these scooters only go about 35 miles per hour so it was quite a trip in the desert, but absolutely worth it.

The show tonight went great. An outside show that started in the afternoon, but really cool to mix things up. Thanks for showing up and singing loud with us. We’ve got some days off coming up so we’re all headed home to see our families. Thanks for making for a great day Vegas.

The Roadshow – Albuquerque, NM

Every night Bart tells the crowd to dance so bad on the song “Move” that he starts laughing and forgets the words. Tonight in Albuquerque Barry decided to join in the fun. The funny thing was, he didn’t move. Bart almost lost it before the song even started.

Thanks for having fun with us tonight New Mexico. We had a blast. We’ll see you next time.

The Roadshow – Lubbock, TX

Lubbock Texas. You people are loud. This is why we love Texas. You people were loud from the beginning to the very end.

I decided tonight to put a picture of Barry on here.  Look at that guy.  What a stud.  If there were any doubt, let it me known right here on that we love us some Barry Graul.  I mean, what’s not to love.

Anyway.  Thanks Texas.  We’re headed to Colorado Springs tonight.  Looking forward to some beautiful Colorado weather tomorrow.

Thanks again Lubbock.  We’ll see you next time.

The Roadshow – Dallas, TX

Dallas. Hometown show. You guys delivered.  We look forward to this show every year and tonight you showed us why.  We had some church tonight.  You guys sang beautifully.  There’s something magical about playing in Dallas.  We grew up dreaming of playing here and tonight you were a part of that dream.

Thanks for making this a memorable Roadshow evening.

The Roadshow – Madison, WI

What can we say Madison. You guys filled up the place. We heard security was turning away cars in the parking lot, so if you didn’t make it in we’re sorry. For those of you that made it in, you people were LOUD. There’s nothing quite like hearing that many people singing together to the Lord. Simply amazing.

Thanks for raising the bar for best crowd on the tour. Madison, we’ll see you next time.