We Wanna See You ‘Move’

Most of you probably already have heard our new single “Move”, but we talked it over and decided that we want to see your moves. So here’s how it’s going to work. Whether you are on Twitter of Facebook we want to see a video of you/your kids/ your pets/ your grandma dancing to the song “Move”.

If you’re on Twitter just @ message @MercyMe and we’ll check them out. If you’re on Facebook, upload the video and tag the MercyMe Facebook page. So we can check it out there. The best videos we will either ReTweet or post right here on the website. There may be even a special prize for amazing choreography so make it awesome.

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got.

Peoria, IL

Tonight marked the second to the last show of the tour.  Lovewell Live 2011 only has one more night and we couldn’t imagine spending it with anyone else.  Illinois, you guys were loud.  We had a blast hanging out with you tonight.  We love coming to this part of the country.

Today we took the afternoon and went to see the new movie “Thor”, then grabbed some pizza near the theater.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect to get out of the venue and see a little bit of the city.

Wisconsin, we’re coming for you tomorrow.  We’re looking forward to spending the day with you and finishing out this amazing tour.


Elida, OH

What an amazing crowd tonight!  The way you guys were packed in there and singing so loud was priceless.  Absolutely amazing.

We spend most of the day over at your mall wandering around.  Some of the crew guys played some baseball in the field and Barry ran across the street to a garage sale and got an awesome backpack.  You know, just another day in Elida.  One thing we know for sure is that hallway in the high school is awesome.  We spent plenty of time checking out those murals.  Well done Bulldogs.

We’ll see you next time.  We had a blast.

Somerset, KY

Kentucky, you guys were loud tonight!  What a great night.  There were times when you were singing so loud it was hard to hear what was happening on stage.  We loved every second of it.

Today we spent most of the day down the street at East Somerset Baptist Church recording for a new project we are working on.  We’re looking forward to sharing it with you soon.  A very huge ‘Thanks’ to the church for allowing us to take up some space and make some noise today.

Ohio, we’re packing up and getting ready to head your way tonight.  We’re going to do a little more recording tomorrow so we’ll try to get you some photos or video from there tomorrow.