St. Charles, MO

Sold out show in St. Charles.  What a blast.  Thanks so much for making this a great night.

Mike and Barry spent the day in another room recording, Jim, Robby & Nathan had family in town and I made a movie.  We’ve still got a couple more shows on this run, but we’re having a great time with Brandon and Natalie on this tour.

And speaking of this tour, we’d love to see some of your pictures if you’ve been to a show. Head on over to our Facebook Page and upload some of your pictures.

Indiana, we’ll see you tomorrow.  We can’t wait.

College Station, TX

Tonight was the first time in sixteen years that we have played in College Station! Texas, you guys were awesome. Earlier today we heard that a place called Chicken Oil Co, was the place to be so we made our way over there on our scooters and took care of some burgers. Now we know what the fuss is all about.

Thanks for coming out and spending your evening with us. We absolutely can’t wait another sixteen years before we come back.

Tomorrow night is the last night of The Roadshow and Dallas, we’ve been looking forward to this all year.  You guys better bring it!

Boise, ID

Boise, we had a great time today. A lot of us got here late today, but it still made for a great day.

Earlier today we had the chance to take a walk across the parking lot and walk onto the bright blue field at Boise State. Then we got to worship with over 8,000 of you. Nothing sounds better than that many voices singing as loud as you did tonight. Thanks for making that happen tonight.

Montana, we’re headed you’re way tonight. We’ll see you bright and early.

Portland, OR

Seriously though, Portland, you guys once again brought it. We love coming to this city every single year and tonight’s crowd was the exact reason. You people are loud, you sing, you dance. The whole deal and we absolutely love spending the evening with you.

Thanks for making this another memorable Northwest stop. We’ll see you again for sure.

The Hurt & The Healer (Single)


Here it is folks. For the next 24 hours this will be the ONLY place you can hear the new single “The Hurt And The Healer” from the upcoming album with the same name. The song should be going to radio soon, but we wanted to share it with you early.

We’ve been playing this song live for the past few nights on The Roadshow and we’re really excited about it. Let us know what you think in the comments.


The Rock & Worship Roadshow 2013

We absolutely can’t wait to kick this thing off again. The Rock & Worship Roadshow is back in 2013 and this year it’s going to be bigger than ever. We’ve got some amazing thing planed for this year to make it more special and more interactive than ever.

For now, you can start helping spreading the word using the Twitter/Instagram tag #RWRS13. Also, if we’re coming to your town head over to this PROMOTIONS PAGE and download your city MEDIA KIT.

See you on the road.

This year the Dallas, TX show is a little different. Due to circumstances beyond our control ALL tickets are reserved seating in Dallas and must be purchased here –

Please plan accordingly.

Grand Rapids, MI

Michigan, you know how to host a party. Tonight was nothing short of fantastic. The place was packed, you guys sang your hearts out and we had a blast. Thanks for making this a place we look forward to coming to every year.

We’re still making a few tweaks to the set so, if you came to the show tonight let us know what your favorite part was in the comments. We’re already having a blast on this tour and we’ve only just begun.

Dallas, TX

Dallas Texas. Well one thing is for sure. Everything is bigger in Texas, and you guys are no exception. We had a SOLD OUT crowd and you people were as loud as we’ve ever heard. What an amazing night to capture on video.

We had all kinds of family at the show last night and you guys made us proud to call Texas home. We’ll be back again next year for sure. Thanks for making it such a memorable night.