Kentwood, MI

Michigan, what a great way to end the week.  First off, we love your town.  We spent some of the day today taking the scooters out and finding a stand alone Starbucks.  What’s with all your Starbucks being inside grocery stores?  We finally found one over by the mall, so that was great.  We did accidentally walk into a funeral reception being held at a local coffee shop, so if anyone that was there is reading this, please accept our apologies.

Tonight’s show was fantastic.  You guys sang loud and looked like you were having fun.  We’ve got the next couple days off and then only one more week of The Lovewell Live 2011 Tour.  We’re going to try to squeeze in a Cover Tune Grab Bag next week, but we’ll see.

Any suggestions on songs?

Edna, TX

Texas, you know how to throw a party. We had sparks and fire tonight and everything. We spent most of the day traveling to get here from Atlanta, but you guys made it worth it for sure. We’re not entirely sure where this humidity came from but we’re glad you stuck it out with us. Tomorrow we’re in Tyler and then we’re home for Easter with our families.

Kind of a weird week but we’re having fun. Tyler, we’ll see you tomorrow bright and early.

Springfield, MO

Springfield, you guys were amazing.  Easily the best crowd of the tour so far.  There’s something about that many people getting together to worship that blows us away.  Thanks for coming out.  We’re home for a couple days but can’t wait to hit Texas next week with Lecrae.  We’ll see you soon.