Baton Rouge, LA

Another great night in Louisiana. You guys know how to worship. Thanks for letting us be a part of that. Thanks for keeping things civil with the protestors outside and showing them that we serve a God that loves people regardless of themselves.

We’ve had some of our boys out for the past few days so our bus smells a bit like a 7 year old boy, but it’s been some amazing father-son time for us all.

We’re headed home for a few days, then on to Colorado Springs. If we remember anything about Colorado Springs, it’s the insane line that shows up right before the show. Make sure to get there early on Thursday to get inside. It’s going to be awesome.

We’ll see you again Baton Rouge.

Lexington, KY

Kentucky. You guys were loud tonight. We had a great night with our dear friends Tenth Avenue North. These guys came down to hang out a little and play a couple songs and we couldn’t love them more.

Thanks for sharing The Roadshow’s first night in Lexington folks. We’ll see you again.

Lufkin, TX

Texas. What a cool way to finish out the tour. This has been a great few weeks. Thanks to everyone who made it out to a show. We had a blast.  We’re looking forward to a couple weeks off and letting you all hear the record this record on MAY 22nd!

If you made it out to a show, you’ve heard a couple of the new songs, and we’ve got a few surprises coming for you in the next couple weeks.  Make sure you check back here, and follow us on Twitter to keep up on things.

Thanks again Texas.  We’ll see you again soon.

The Roadshow – Sacramento, CA

Sacramento California. We have waited a long time for this show. This is easily one of the best shows of the tour. Not only that, but this is consistently one of the best shows of the life of The Roadshow.  We’re currently sitting on the bus getting ready to head to Fresno to close this thing out.  We’ve held out Sacramento and Fresno for the last two shows.

Thanks for spending the night with us Sacramento.  We’ll be back for sure.

Choreographed “Move” In Portland

So tonight Portland was so awesome, we decided to do a little something special. The first ever MercyMe Choreographed stage moves for our song “Move”. That’s right. Portland, you guys bring out the best in us, and tonight our best was a few spectacular dance moves.

Thanks for being so amazing tonight Portland. You’re one of our favorite places to come and tonight you proved why.

The Roadshow – Springfield, MO

We’ve been in this building before and just like last time, you guys sounded amazing. There were a ton of you tonight. Thanks for making the trip out. Earlier this morning I was walking around the building and I saw people waiting outside at around 10 in the morning. The line outside before the show was insane, and the energy didn’t stop once you all got inside.

We’ll be back for sure Springfield. Thanks for making it a memorable night. We’ll see you soon.

The Roadshow – Chicago, IL

Tonight we were in Chicago. You guys were awesome. Thanks for spending your evening with us. We’re looking forward to a couple more shows this week. Michigan you’re headed your way tonight.

If you were at the show tonight and took some pictures, make sure you send them to and check them out on The Roadshow website.

Also, if you’re planning on coming to the show, make sure to check out the Rewards Program we have going on where you can win some cool prizes.

Thanks again Chicago. We’ll see you again soon.

The Roadshow – Minneapolis, MN

We spent most of the day today at The Mall Of America looking for clothes for a photo shoot next week.  I think we walked about 4 miles today at that mall, but what better excuse to stay out of the cold?

St.Paul/Minneapolis, you guys were fantastic.  You sounded beautiful singing.  Thanks for coming out in the cold and spending your time with us.  We’re blessed to have spent the night with you.

We’re headed home for a couple days.  Chicago, you’re next.  We’ll see you next week

Kansas City… Where’s Mike?

So, Mike got delayed right before the show and we couldn’t find him. Turns out he was doing something really important, but that didn’t stop Bart from taking advantage of the situation.

Kansas City, we had a blast hanging out with you tonight. Thanks for singing so loud and helping us finish out this tour so strong. Memphis, we’ve got one more so you better be ready.

Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City. You put the OK in Oklahoma. Awesome dancing tonight. Thanks for coming out. You helped make this one of the greatest nights on The Roadshow.

We’ve got a couple more shows left on this tour. Wichita, Kansas City & Memphis we’re headed your way. Looking forward to finishing out this tour strong.

Thanks again OKC. We’ll see you next time.