Asleep At The Wheel


This is Charlie. Charlie stole Gracie’s Jeep while she wasn’t looking. While trying to make a getaway, he fell asleep at the wheel. He really did. He actually drove in circles for quite sometime in this position before Mommy stopped the car. The moral of the story is…get a full night’s sleep before committing a crime.

12 comments on “Asleep At The Wheel

  1. Oh Charlie! You silly boy!

    Y’all try to stay cool in Bham this weekend. If I didn’t have crowd and heat aversion, I would surely be out there to enjoy seeing y’all LIVE! I will have to enjoy the show from the comfort of my a/c house, I guess :-).

  2. At least now he probably knows that “crime” is a hard life and it really wears you out. He was probably tired from the earlier trip with the Harley.

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