“Ask MercyMe” – Mike

It’s Monday, and we all know what that means. “Ask MercyMe” time.

This week it’s Mike. Mike plays guitar in the band, and promises to answer every single question you guys have for him. It can be about guitars, family, favorite foods, hair products, you name it.

Answers will be given on Friday. What do you want to know?

32 comments on ““Ask MercyMe” – Mike

  1. What is your favorite song from MM? And which band member do you hang out with the most while on tour?
    Thanks Mike!

  2. Hey! I just have one quick question. WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO TEXAS IN 2008? I LOVE your music. Come on back ya’ll! : )

  3. Gabriel Amps. Are you digging them? Our guitar player covets one very badly but sadly has no cash…anyway, how are they? Which are you using? Hope to run into you guys at GMA.

  4. Hey Mike!

    How many flowers do honey bees have to visit in order to get enough nectar to make one pound of honey?

    Also, how long should a couple keep the couch they got when they were first married???

    Additionally, If a couple has had six girls and then a boy, what are the odds that they might have a second boy? (No…were not pregnant).

    Lastly, if a boys name is Ben, what’s the odds that he might marry a girl named Olivia?

    By the way…you sure are smart!

    We love you Mike!

  5. Hey There Mike, Do you have a favorite song from MM that you love to play? How old are you? You look young !! Do you have a certain /favorite scripture that really speaks to you? Saw you guys at the Florida Strawberry Fest. NICE ..:) Blessings & Peace

  6. Hey Mike, I like asking randome useless questions so mine is what kind of hair gel do you use? and this question I actually care about the answer.. what is your favorite bible verse and why?:) Thank you for taking the time and answering these questions! MM, familes and crew are in my prayers!

  7. Mike,
    I love the guitar work on all the albums. It seems like there’s always one doing one thing and one doing another.

    Anyway, what is your favorite guitar you own, and what is your effect set up look like?

  8. Hey Mike! How did you meet your wife? Your kids are so cute! I saw you all at the Rangers game last year. LOVED IT! That was the first time I ever heard MM. Now, I’m stuck! Thanks!

  9. Hi Mike. Love your music and guitar sounds. Have you ever tried a guitar processor like some kind of line 6 floor pod etc. to get your guitar sound instead of all of the pedals you use? Is there a down side to such pedals? Thanks for taking the time to read and answer questions! God bless you all!

  10. Alright you asked for it. What’s your favorite hair product?

    Have you ever been so in love with a pair of shoes that you feel depressed when you have to throw them out?

    What’s your middle name?

    What is your favorite day of the week?

  11. Hi Mike!

    How many years have you been with MM?
    How do you balance your faith and famliy?
    Now as far as hair products use mousse.
    Just kidding!! God Bless you and your family.


  12. What’s most dangerous while driving?

    1. Sending text messages?
    2. Singing & praising to MM with your eyes closed?
    3. Reading your latest blogs?
    4. Playing drums on the steering wheel and air guitar while driving with your knees?

    My Papa has done all these today on our trip to Florida!
    Naomi :)

  13. What is your favorite MM song?

    What part of which song is most challenging for you to play?

    What is your favorite Disney World attraction? We’ll take our picture for you this week. (yes, we even think of you guys on our family vacations!)

  14. What are all the names of the band member’s kids, oldest to youngest. Just thought I would keep you on your toes!

  15. Hi Mike,

    Who would you say plays the most jokes on everyone?

    Do you all study the word together as a band when on tour?

    Do you see each other on your time off and if so how much?

    Any prayer requests?

  16. Hello! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys!! :) Your music makes me so happy and sad at the same time (in a good way)! I listen to all of your cd’s everyday and just went to one of your concerts (Appelton, WI) for the first time, and it was the best concert I’ve EVER been to!! Thank you so much for your faith and sharing it with everyone! I have a question about your music though. I was wondering if I could put one of your songs on my website? I’m a photographer and need to put a song on and I wouldn’t want anyone else’s. Please please. Let me know! Thanks so much! :) God bless, Jennica! (wish I could take your band pictures soooooo badly)

    *My photography website will be up soon*

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