Andrews, TX






What in the world? Who knew there were this many people out here?! There was a ton of you folks here tonight. We had a blast hanging out with you guys tonight. You’ve made Texas proud.

For those of you that have been to the shows so far this tour. What’s your favorite part of the show? We’d love to know what your favorite song is.

Thanks again Texas.

  • Sherrie

    “I Can Only Imagine” , it is the song that brought me to the lord!

    • vanessa hunter

      That’s awesome Sherrie!!!

  • vanessa hunter

    I just wanted to say the concert was awesome!!! There was a special part that meant a lot to my husband, you told a story of a boy who was beaten and abused, whose father was not a God fearing man until one day God woke him up and said “man, you ain’t doing right so I’m gonna change your way of thinking mister!!!!” This story meant something to my husband because, he went through the exact same thing. Two totally different men, went through the same thing and lead totally different lives!!!! God is good all the time…..and all the time God is good. Keep on glorifying His name!!!!! God bless!

  • stage hand

    Just wanted to stop by and say that the behind the scenes crew of mercy me is the rudest I have ever worked with. Rigging down was just yelling, yelling and more yelling with two people giving different contradicting orders.

  • vanessa hunter

    Bart I just wanna say, even though you know this, God has a plan for all of us and for each plan there is a purpose!!! So keep calm and praise on my brother!!!!