An Evening With MercyMe


It’s that time again, and you know what that means.  Tomorrow marks the first day of of our Fall tour cleverly titled “An Evening With MercyMe”.   Joining us out on the road for the first half are the boys from Fee and Mr. Jonny Diaz.  Then later Tenth Avenue North will be joining us.

We’ve got some great things planned for the tour for both the folks in the cities we are visiting and also for you people in Internet land.  If we’re coming to your town you want to make sure you are following us on Twitter for giveaways, Official Tweet&Greets, and even some hidden tickets.  It’s going to be awesome…. we promise.

Let’s start with a roll call here in the comments.  Who’s coming out to the shows and in what city?

Stay tuned for more.

33 comments on “An Evening With MercyMe

  1. I will be going to your show in Fort Walton. I am going with my youth Pastor, he is taking the worship band to see you guys. :)

  2. sooooo, why are there no N. CA tour dates….especially when TAN joins??????? I’m eagerly awaiting MM concert #13, and to add TAN to that, would be awesome!!! *hint, hint, hint* ;) I’ll keep checking back! :)

  3. Sheesh haven’t you guys ever heard of the west coast? Guess I’ll be at every concert that has an inet feed! I can’t wait!

  4. You guys should come back to Vermont! We appreciate it so much because nobody comes here. Your previous performance here made my year! We may not be able to offer the same incentives as the larger cities, but we know how to worship! Please come back!

  5. Last time we saw you was at Alpine Valley (WI) with Michael W Smith and David Crowder. We are looking forward to seeing you on Nov 8th in Valparaiso (IN). We pray God’s guidance and safe keeping on your fall tour….

  6. The Northeast needs to hear you! Come this way please! Have a vision for the northeast where more than half the population of the US is….PLEASE come up here!

  7. Have you guys ever heard of Downingtown PA? It’s a nice little town between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. We have really good sports teams here, many excellent restaurants and LOTS of Mercy Me fans! It’s quite an awesome place to live and visit! You should try us out sometime! “Mercy Me coming to Downingtown” how awesome that would be!!! Ok, back to reality…I’ll be checking you out online! :)

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