Abilene, TX





Abilene. You’ve got some WIND! You know today Jamie’s bus door almost blew off?

We had a blast tonight though. Thanks for hanging out and singing your hearts out with us.

You guys also have a pretty cool zoo. Even if there’s some pretty creepy snakes in there.

We’re headed home for a couple days, but we’ll be back at it on Wednesday. Thanks again Abilene. Make sure to tag us in your photos from the night. We’d love to see them.

5 comments on “Abilene, TX

  1. As a surprise for my daughter’s 10th birthday I took her and her BF to see y’all! YES we went on a school night & didn’t get home until 1AM!!! We had the most incredible time! They are sooooo in to Miss. Jamie Grace and I will be honest, only knew a few of y’alls and Citizen Way’s songs from the radio – KLTY 94.9 out of Dallas. Whenever we told her in the car where we were going – she lost her mind and was so excited!!! I must admit – I love yall better LIVE! YOU PUT ON AN AMAZING SHOW!!!! The richness of the music – you just cannot do it justice on a record – LIVE WAS AMAZING!!!!! Your testimonies were incredible (should have put on the waterproof mascara)!! You and CW have a two new fans! Jordan McEvoy (on the left), age 11, Stephenville, Texas and Birthday Girl Emmaleigh Faith Daniel (right), age 10. Stephenville, Texas!
    Thank you ALL for an amazing evening and allowing me to share you with my daughter! I know she will be forever changed!
    Kirsten Daniel

  2. Cannot wait til May 8, Williamsport, MD . . . Artists Circle, baby! Oooooh, MercyMe, if you only knew the life story I have and how you guys made such an impact! Looking forward to seeing our favorite band for the 5th time!!! Baltimore, Parsipanny, Montgomery, Hylton Memorial….and now Willimasport. You guys are annointed.

    How in the world did you get a spot on The Today Show??? Awesome. Truly Awesome. Please look for my fiance’ she will be the FANatic!! :)

  3. We just heard the news that your April 30 concert in Oklahoma City has been rescheduled. My girls will be disappointed that they have to wait longer to see Mercy Me. Hope you rescedule soon.

  4. Yes, we heard about the April 30th concert being cancelled as well. We’re disappointed but looking forward to finding out when you’re rescheduling. Be safe!

  5. Bought the new CD last week as a birthday present for my 11 year old. Our whole family has become obsessed with track 6- FLAWLESS!! Can’t get enough of it. The message is so encouraging!

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