18 comments on “A Conversation With Aaron Shust

  1. I’m still laughing about the part where Bart ate something and then drank the juice and made the face. I keep replaying that part over and over its hilarious. Honestly, Bart would make an awesome comedian.

  2. You guys are awesome!!! Anyone else notice how when Bart comes in and then leaves again Nathan is just gone…? I thought that was hilarious!

  3. I found your hilarious blog through Jenny Simmons and the band Addison Road. Ryan Simmons is my husbdand’s counsin.

    I think it’s official… Bart, you are a hoot and goofball!! What is the world did you eat and then gag back up?? I thought we might see OJ sprouting out your nose!

    Love to hear all about Mercy Me. Ya’ll rock!

  4. Okay, just to set the record straight…. I CAN spell.

    here is a quick translation”

    “husbdand” = husband
    “counsin” = cousin
    “Bart” = goofball, prankster,joker

    that’s all…

  5. Just so funny!! I like it when Bart is there and leaves then Nate appears. Then with the orange juice that was great. God Bless.

  6. I’m Mike Wallace, I’m Morley Safor, I’m Steve Kroft and I’m Bart Millard, these stories and Andy Rooney on 60 minutes.
    Does that sound good, Bart?

  7. hilarious. i’m glad my boring, the face you made before you walked away is my favorite part. Thanks for handing me the Kleenex, Jim.

  8. yeah, that comment didn’t make any sense. I just got home from nash.
    i meant to say i’m glad my boring speech made your schtick funnier.

    Nathan, you crack me up. hope you all made it back safe

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