9 comments on ““30 Seconds After” Lexington, KY

  1. No boogers! Thank God, there are no boogers!

    You kids never fail to crack me up. What does that say about my sense of humor? Yes, I still think farts are funny and burps and anything that comes from the body that sounds like a fart or a burp.

    Oh it is just too early. Where the heck is my coffee? I must go find it. Bye.

    Heidi Reed

  2. What s the weather like up ther in KY… wish i was ther e to hear ya guys sing…. r u sure it was 30 seconds AFTER not 25 or 37 just 30?/LOL !! too funny..thanks for being real…………

  3. You are a goofball!

    If you ever decide to stop singing, which I hope that never happens you could go into comedy. You should do a stand up comedy act and post it on here. I bet you keep you wife and family in laughter all the time.

  4. wahoo for no boogers, lol. You guys are too much!

    Anyway, do you collect fan photos of your concerts and if so, where can we send them? I have a ton, but there are a couple that are particularly cool or interesting that I’d like to send to you….if ya’ll want them. ;)

  5. The concert “Winter Jam” was fantastic! I took my daughter and some of her friends who are members of FCA. They couldn’t believe a 42 year old woman not only enjoyed your music, but actually knew the words. You guys are absolutely awesome! I hope I didn’t embarrass them too badly (the girls)…oh well it couldn’t be any worse than talking about nostrils or showing the inside of your nose to the world. LOL!! My daughter hasn’t stopped listening to your new cd (praise God). Let your family know how grateful we are that they share you guys with us! Ya’ll really make a difference! God Bless and be safe!

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