2nd Flight Of The Day And It’s Only 9:30am…


And directly over my shoulder you can see the woman who needs to settle down her kid so he’ll quit kicking my seat… I’m grumpy

6 comments on “2nd Flight Of The Day And It’s Only 9:30am…

  1. Hi, guys…

    I’m a Brazilian singer and a english student. I was a Worship Leader in my Church, but now, I’m distance of God.

    I didn’t want it, but I can’t change it, I’ve tryed, but I haven’t gotten. I hope that I get it some day. (I will be there again)

    Well, nowadays I’ve listened to your music and I’m fall in love for it! I can fell the God’s Spirit in your songs and lyrics… Your musics has blessed my life so much (and it have helped me to learn english too, lol), specially:

    “I Can Only Imagine” and “Bring The Rain”.

    I hope God bless you so much, today and always, ok ? And that you continue making blessed songs for us. I wish that your music reach everybody around of the world as it reached me, here in Brazil !!!

    Best regards,

    Michael Williams

    p.s.: Sorry my english, I’m still leaning.

  2. Awesome worship at the Biltmore!!!!!!!!!! Tell Bart that having Type 1 IDDM is a gift. His child will have a better perspective on life. I have been a diabetic 32 years. Having diabetes at the age of 15 and losing my cousin to leukemia at 16 gave me the drive to attend med school and to become a pediatrician. I could have chosen so many other paths. Just wait and see what God has planned for your special child. I am soooo glad He had an amazing plan for all of you in Mercy Me. Your music blesses so many people. Thank you God for the gift of Mercy Me.

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