MercyMe Participates In Historic Signing Of Music Modernization Act At The White House

Music Modernization Act

MercyMe Participates In Historic Signing Of  Music Modernization Act At The White House

Multi-platinum selling MercyMe took part in today’s historic moment as the Orrin G. Hatch—Bob Goodlatte Music Modernization Act was signed into law. 

“It’s a history making day for all of our fellow music creatives as the Music Modernization Act was signed. We were honored to bear witness to the signing of this game changing legislation. We thank Congress and the President, but also the many songwriters, artists, composers, industry groups and more who united to safeguard music for years to come.” – MercyMe

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  • Jon Alva Murphy

    Gee wiz, you know? I was ready to go to The Fox Theatre in Atlanta in May and had my Dachshund w/me in that Indigo Hotel across Peachtree Street waiting for the front desk to check-us in and give us our room keys. Time passed. Y’all went onstage and where were we?
    Still waiting for the front desk to check us in there! Y’all will b back soon,—-I feel it in my Spirit! Amazing you are!!!

  • Jewell Breaux

    Just wanted to thank you for such an amazing night of worship. My grandson who is autistic saw the move. He was deeply touched by it. He loves the song Imagine but he was singing and dancing along with all of them. All I can say is Wow. Thank you from Nee Orleans 😁❤️🙌🏼

  • SheilaLyda

    I just want to drop a note to remind Bart and the guys (and their families) that God loves them and so do I. I have watched the klove concert from Chicago more times than I can count. Bart, your teachings during that concert were powerful! I’ve been confident as a woman of God for a while, now, but… whew… such freedom! And I love all of your songs. I even sing some of them at karaoke. “Word of God, Speak” has long been one of my favorites. And then you used one of my favorite phrases as the title of another favorite, “Even If.” How about using another favorite phrase, “I believe, help my unbelief.?”

  • Shawn Thompson

    May God bless you and your families. My wife and I were touched my your show in New Orleans. Peace to you.

  • Eileen Haritonides

    Making history in a positive loving spirit!

    Love your music!
    Thank you for all you do!

    Love, Hope & Happiness through Jesus Christ our Lord!

    God Bless you all!
    – Eileen

    Eileen Haritonides
    Huntington Station, NY

    PS I have some new art I have created that are crosses that are in a square format. Original art. Would be nice for cover art work … call if interested: 631-988-4965 (leave a message if I don’t get to pick up-Thanks!)

  • Marian Lee

    Thank you Mercy Me. Your music lifts me when I am at my lowest, and inspires me to be never give up, and continue to walk this life with God as my leader and guide.-Marian

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