LIFER Tour 2017!

The LIFER Tour kicks off THIS MONTH! We will be heading to New Mexico, Arizona, California, Washington, and British Columbia – don’t miss your chance to see us perform our new album ‘Lifer’ live with guests Hawk Nelson & Micah Tyler.

April 21 | Albuquerque, NM ** SOLD OUT
April 22 | Phoenix, AZ
April 23 | Tucson, AZ
April 28 | Los Angeles, CA
April 29 | San Diego, CA ** SOLD OUT
April 30 | Riverside, CA ** SOLD OUT
May 5 | Stockton, CA
May 6 | Fresno, CA
May 7 | Irvine, CA
May 10 | Kennewick, WA
May 11 | Abbotsford, BC
May 12 | Everett, WA

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  • Tammy Patrick

    Please please come back to Johnson City Tn. God bless each and everyone of you all. Love your music!!

    • sherrie ledford

      Yes please Johnson City or Asheville..saw you both places

    • Jennifer Starnes


  • Miralys

    Not coming to the East Coast? 🙁 How about coming to Florida?

    • Danielle

      I second that question! Tampa, please!

    • Janice Fead

      I just love yall! Your music, style, and dedication to the Lord. Keep up the good work. If at all possible, I pray that yall visit Florida, possibly Live Oak, Jacksonville, or Perry. I hope to see yall soon, be safe throughout your endeavors.

  • Robin L. Manning

    You have to come to Arkansas. Please please oh pretty please. You’re my favorite group . I have all of your music but I have never had the honor of seeing you. So please come to Arkansas

  • Gemma Abbott

    Do you have any plans to come to the UK?

  • Audrey Small

    Are you coming to New Brunswick Canada ?

  • Karen Bennette

    Please please come to Mississippi or somewhere close. Love you music!!!!

  • L Donas

    Will there be some TX dates?
    Or did I miss them?

  • Vanessa Cupples

    Love all of your music. Do not know what I would do without Mercy Me music. Wonderful concert in rain last year in Southaven, MS. God Bless you.

  • Rosa

    Please come to a country town Gonzales, Tx please we need a new breathe of life in our town! Love you all, best song yet “Even if “

  • Amanda Littlejohn

    Come to kalamazoo I would love to take my mom she just loves your songs

    • Carol Macdonald

      Yes yes. Kalamazoo!!! I got my granddaughter into Christian music. She would love to go with me to see you in person! !!

  • Steven Diel

    Please come to Providence, Rhode Island on the East Coast!!!

  • Marilyn Bell

    Please come to Arkansas!!!

  • Mary Flowers

    Please come to Tallahassee Florida

  • Kelly Lambert

    No Oregon?

  • Lynne Leffler

    The good people of Nebraska would love to have you visit us!!’

  • Nancy kennedy

    Please come to Northern New York State…we really missed you at Worship in the Adirondacks that you canceled.

  • James K.Yoder

    Please come to Johnstown,Pa……Love your music and you guys are excellently blessed .. .Praise The Lord!

  • Sherri Lucky-Lynn

    God bless y’all for sharing such amazing music and delivering wonderful messages!! I hope y’all get back to Tuscaloosa, Al this tour…I would love to take my 10 year old son to see you in concert!! Y’all are our favorite group!! Thank you for all you do…

  • Donna Shrader

    Wish you were coming to the Memphis, Tennessee area. Love your music and your love for God. May God bless you all on your tour

  • Barbara Hoover

    PLEASE come to Spokane!!!!!!!!

  • Nikki

    Are you coming to Australia?

  • Jennifer Glickman

    East Coast!! Philadelphia? New York? New Jersey?

  • Denise Brown

    So excited to see you live in Phoenix, AZ on 4/22. We have VIP seats.

  • Sheri Kimble

    So excited to see you in Tucson again! Love the Lifer album, every song brings hope and a message.

  • Heather lemaster

    Hope you come somewhere close to kentucky!

  • Kathy Davis RN

    Please come back to Nebraska!!! All of your current destinations are too far away. I am a nurse and it’s difficult to get time off to see you even when you’r
    ee close let alone the West Coast. <3

  • Kate

    Please come to Columbia Maryland… Merryweather post pavilion!!

  • Dan Johnson

    Grand Rapids, Michigan please. We love you guys!!

  • Dana M Anderson

    Nashville, TN…Music City, baby!!! Please find a date to play somewhere close to us!! We ❤️You!! Keep praising with your incredible music and talent!

  • Carlos Estrada

    Lifer is too good of an album and needs to be on tour in the Southeast and for that matter, throughout the country. Have been to 4 of your concerts all over Florida and need to feel your music infinitely more. Great job preaching through the arts which touches so many.

  • Cindy clement

    We missed you last year in New York we would love to see you come back

  • Chris Johnson

    A second concert in Abq. The first one sold out on me!!

    Sad in Burque

  • Nancy Toole

    The Lifer CD is fantastic– as always. I saw you in Greenville, Tx. in Feb. but that was before Lifer. Hope you come back to Dallas (or Greenville!) sometime this year. Y’all are a blessing!!!

    • Jean Carter

      Nancy… were you friends with the Ward family in dallas may years ago?

  • Kelly Richardson

    Yes please come to New England, preferably New Hampshire! 🙂

  • Nick mastruserio

    Are you going to do a cincinnati reds game this year

  • Monica Castro

    Are you playing near to winston salem or Greensboro? ????

  • Linda Lerourneau

    Will you be coming to Tulsa this year?

  • Tina Morales

    We hope you come back to Austin Texas. My kids and I love your band.

  • Vickie Hammer

    Please come to Dallas/Fort Worth, TX!!! We love ❤️ Mercy Me

  • Candice L

    We’d love to see you in Ohio PLEASE!!!

  • Shawna

    Bucket list: Would love to see you in concert– We live in Montana and would prefer either Montana or OKC where we have family. Anything coming up in the near future?

  • Karen Dixon

    Come to Kalispell, Mt. Please!!

  • Mandie I.

    Would love to see you in Texas!!

  • Maria Robb

    Please come to Pittsburgh or Youngstown, Oh. Saw you guys at Canfield Fair; the BEST, Spirit-filled concert ever, and we were at the very top of the stands! It reached us up there! Lol! God Bless your Race!

  • John K.

    Are you planning to expand the tour to include the east coast? SC needs MercyMe!!! I love the song Flawless

  • Sangita K

    You should come to CANADA! Beautiful, open, land of Canada.
    Especially Winnipeg!

  • Lynnette Eigen

    New York? Promise. We are in fact nice up here! :)))))

  • Ruby Ockletre

    Please come to Austin Texas

  • Maranda Smith

    Wish you would come to OKC! Your music is so inspirational

  • Deborah Snedecor

    Dear MercyMe,

    Is there ANY CHANCE at all that you will return to the OREGON area this year, for the LIFER TOUR? I noticed you will be in Salem, OR for a concert with other Christian Musicians… but I would prefer a LIFER tour somewhere this year in Oregon. So, will there be one this year?

    Thank you, very much for your testimonies, your awesome music and your humor! We love you, MercyMe!

    — Deborah Snedecor

  • Sarah Graves

    I will be seeing y’all on May 5th, and want to tell you how your voice and talks music helped save my life.

  • Sarah Workman Checcone

    I am so grateful to you all for your music… “Word of God Speak” stopped me in my tracks when I was searching in darkness for a glimpse of light, and “Greater” has become my childrens’ anthem, and in turn, gotten my family through, too. Would be so delighted to welcome you to West Coast of Florida! Thank you for all you do – praise God for your ministry!

  • Linda Hetrick

    Please come to Pittsburgh!

  • carlos rivera

    Why no shows in the San Francisco bay Area?

  • C.Moreland

    Myrtle Beach!

  • Beth Hess

    I would Love to see your concert but I do not see Texas on the list. please come this way. Thank you

  • Kimberly

    I’m a nurse practitioner in a pediatric office in Roswell, NM and for my birthday, my staff got me a ticket to the show in Albuquerque last night. So I drove 200 mile, had minor car trouble, and witnessed some technical difficulties only to be completely blessed the show. I work with kids on a daily.basis and even though I know and have seen God heal miraculously, i also know that sometimes he doesn’t. In those cases I’ve learned to pray for strength of spirit and peace to help me or my patient through this long journey. So thank you to MicahTyler for the laughs and hope, to Hawks Nelson for the energy and smiles and to mercy me for the reminders that is greater than me and despite every obstacle Satan put up… I’ve already won. God Bless

  • Robin Jones

    I have all of your music. It is so heart felt and up lifting. I saw one time in Columbus,Ga. all of you came to the vision concert. Have not seen you since. Please come
    back and play at the Civic Center here in Columbus, Ga.

  • Tina Hause

    So sad that there is no stop in Oregon! Hopefully next time!!!

  • Springer

    You skip right over Oregon. Portland please!

  • Judy O'Donnell

    Hear you in Orlando and it was wonderful. You are my favorite Christian group. Please come to Orlando.

  • Darren s Mayer

    Please come to Beeville or corpus. Christi Texas. Loveyour music.

  • Karen Kopp

    I am so blessed to be going to your concert in Abbotsford in a couple weeks … I snapped up tickets back in December before Lifer was released. This is an amazing album, and as usual there are a number of songs that spoke directly to my heart right away – Even If and Heaven’s Here among them. Thank-you for continuing to make music that draws listeners into the circle of God’s mercy, grace and love.

  • Nancy Toole

    Got a t-shirt idea! Why don’t y’all make a shirt that says “WE WIN!” ? ?

  • Kelly Richardson

    I Love Lifer! Please come to New England… New Hampshire or Massachusetts!!! Yes I want a “We Win” T shirt! haha

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