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  • Millie Abreu

    We in the East Coast, will love to have you guys come over, your songs are a spiritual lifter, I personally have been so blessed with your songs, specially Even If, Dear younger Me, I can only imahine and so on, so please would you include PA as a next year Your Stop, specially Allentown PPL Arena, it’s an awesome place for a Concert, look it up.
    Looking forward to see you guys here in my city very soon..
    This city needs to hear Angel Voices like yours.
    Be Blessed
    Millie Abreu

  • Pat C

    I love your music of course and it would be great fun to do this with you. I have MS and don’t travel much. We live in Lexington NC. Your music has helped me navigate some very difficult and unusual circumstances that most of us would never choose. “Even if” you pick someone else. Please accept my thanks and may you always be aware of His constant presence.

  • Patti Thomas

    I know you hear this all of the time, but here it goes anyway!!!I feel lead to say it!
    You guys are “The Real Deal!” So many are blessed because you said “Yes” to God’s calling for your lives! Bart, your testimony is so powerful and I know you speak with a “Broken”, yet “Redeemed” heart! Thank you for being so bold. Sometimes our pain can be another’s gain.
    I’m praying to step out on faith myself. I’m 54, and searching for what I want to be “when I grow up!”? My family would be proud to see that happen!lol
    You guys give hope, through Christ, in a fallen world!
    I saw you in Whitehouse,TX. not long ago and you mentioned how mean people can be.
    I just want to say…ignore that and focus on the positive! You can’t please everyone and the good you are doing, well…speaks for itself!
    What a BLESSING you are to others! Never give up and remember “You are a “Lifer!”?????❤
    Love you all in HIM!

  • Edward Gros

    Thank you.

  • CS Scofield

    Hello, my husband John and me, purchased your new CD today at Cracker Barrel. We really love it!❤️??

  • Landon Paige

    Can I do a song with you guys?

    I mean, seriously, can I?

    Moxahala, OH!

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