This Makes Me Smile.

This makes me smile.

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  • Norton Webber

    Bart, I was introduced to your music via the “Sessions” album and then Coming Up, Undone, and now Lovewell are in the car. One line in “I would die,” my life has never been this clear, Now I know the reason why I am here, nearly took me off my feet. 70 years old this time and I can only imagine being able to sing like you. don’t get a big head, now, but wow. Want to go to the Portland gig, don’t know yet. Please check out the website. Now doubut in my mind He is in on this. N

  • Norton Webber

    I have performance tracks for Joseph’s Lullaby, Homesick, Finally Home, I Would Die For You, Hold Fast and So Long Self.
    Our shelter youtube site, TrinityEFree shows in a slide show with music what is going on in Central Maine. I did a slide show for a women’s shelter using Talley’s “Broken Ones” and wanted to use “Won’t You Be My Love” for it as well. It is hard to explain what your lyrics have meant to me-“if I could speak the tongue of every man..” or “when You first spoke my name..” For me, it is the words that matter, but then it is the Word, huh.

  • Destiny

    LOL! and i just saw a picture of Joel with the guitar! i need a new guitar and i LOVE LOVE LOVE that one!!! where can i get one? its like THE most PERFECT guitar ever!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!! you guys are the best!!! 🙂

  • Norton Webber

    someone get the play button moved, please!

  • Norton Webber

    sorry to miss Portland, just $60 tickets left and Obama is not giving a SS raise again this year.

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