“Alright” Dance Off

Today we decided to dare each other to do a specific dance at the beginning of “Alright” during our set. Anyone who didn’t do their dance would owe the other guys their per-diem for the week. Above is what happened. We’ll let you be the judge if everyone did their parts. What do you think?

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  • Bruce Barnard

    I think you ALL did great…too bad you didn’t do that in Jersey LAST NIGHT!!

  • Michelle

    Mike was iffy 😉

  • Shellie (baylormum)

    Looked to me like everyone, except Brody, did their part. Oh, wait!! He’s not IN the band, but he is family, right????????

  • Paisley

    Well done. Hope you guys dance when you come to my church next month.

  • Sandi ~ agrl4god80

    awesome! You guys should do alot more dancing on the stage. Maybe perform a CTGB or two…some awesome dancing occured in the Thriller CTGB. I remember myself making a fool out of myself when I posted a youtube video last year of me dancing to “Alright” for your dance-off. yeah…embarassing, lol. seriously though…you all should dance more often

  • Melissa

    I agree with Bruce: too bad you didn’t do this in New Jersey the night before! But I loved this video–thanks for sharing it–and I think you each kept up your part.

  • Pam West

    That was awesome! Alright is my favorite Mercy Me song right now. The kids and I decided it was our theme song for this year. I LOVE the dancing. Very fun. You guys are amazing…Hold you head up and keep on dancing!!

  • TheHoneyFamily

    Alright! I didn’t see any dancin that even came close the Conga line we did in Lansing…rest assured…we will Always dance with you as long as security allows it! We sure miss you guys…ahemm…is there a problem with Michigan these days???

    Lovingly, TheHoneyFamily

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