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There’s a couple new things we are doing different on this tour to make it a little more fun from a “web nerd” standpoint.  While we aren’t able to broadcast this tour, we have done a couple things to make it a little more interactive for the folks at the show.

First:  Gowalla.  We’ve been able to create a way where anyone coming to the show can check in at the tour.  Up until now location based checking in was just that.  Location based.  With the help of our friends at Gowalla, we’ve been able to bring the “location” of Lovewell Live with us.  That means every venue you will be able to check in at the show.  And here’s why you want to do that.  We’re able to track how many shows you check into and we love to give stuff away to those that stand out.  So make sure to sign up for Gowalla and become our friend.

Second:  For all you smartphone users out there, and we know there’s a lot of you.  Make sure you take a second and download a QR Scanner app for you phone before you come to the show.  Sprinkled around the venue will be these codes to scan and when you scan it with your phone we’ve got a little something special for you.  We’re calling it the Lovewell Live Giveaway, so if that’s not a hint, we’re not sure what is.

So there we are.  Check in at every MercyMe show you go to on Gowalla and make sure to have your phone scanners ready at the show.  We know it’s a lot to take in, but we can’t wait to see you at the show.

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  • Ro Em

    I am sure going to miss the broadcasts this tour. 🙁 But, all of your concerts will be amazing since God will be there! 🙂

  • Paisley

    I’m ready, I have Gowalla and a QR scanner app on my phone. Got my tickets and looking forward to the November 5th show.

  • Patty

    Hi Guys,
    I am not a techie by any stretch of the imagination,this stuff sounds like it will be fun. I have been to a few of your concerts. ZOWIE! Love the WORSHIP. I saw to a few years back in Minnesota and then just this last summer at the Minnesota State Fair. The message and the worship …Mmmmm…WONDERFUL. Keep looking to Jesus for your WISDOM and STRENGTH and your FOCUS. What a SAVIOR we serve! May BLESSINGS be upon every person on your crew.
    Lord we lift this group up to You this morning. You know every detail going on in everyone of their lives, hardships, sacrifices,, concerns, health, confusions, joys and pains. Each part of this crew is crucial from the driver to the main singer, from the guy or gal who sets up the mikes to the one who makes the hotel reservations everyone is important. Help each get their eyes focused on You Lord, the ONE who is their STRENGTH, their COMFORT, their WISDOM, their COUNCILOR, their CREATOR, the one who will show them a place to REST and that is right in YOUR ARMS JESUS. The ARMS that are BIG enough to carry EVERY BURDEN, and the ARMS big ENOUGH to HOLD them and give RENEWING STRENGTH like nothing else can. Oh it is a beautiful place to rest. So Lord help them SEEK YOU FOR THE REST THEY NEED and help them see HOW YOU RESTORE and RENEW EACH ONE. Oh Lord how You LOVE them. Please pour out YOUR LOVE until each one is DRENCHED in it. AMEN

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