Lovewell LIVE

We’ve officially started. The Lovewell LIVE tour kicked off last night in Medford, OR with a SELL OUT crowd at the Craterian – Ginger Rogers Theater. Tonight we are in Santa Rosa, CA, but wanted to let you guys know about a couple things going on. First off, we need you to start spreading the word about the tour. We’re playing lots of new songs and have a lot planned for this tour. Second, we’re working on some stuff with Gowalla and would love for you to play along.  Head over to and sign up.  Then make sure you find us and become our friend.  We’ve got some exciting surprises for the folks joining us at the shows.

We’d also love to see your photos that you take at the shows on our Facebook Page after you’ve been to the show.  We love seeing things from your perspective.  Lastly is a little bit more of a surprise but we can say, that for all you folks out there with smart-phones you might need this at the shows.  More on that later.

So who’s planning on coming out?  If you haven’t seen our new TOUR PAGE check it out and let us know what show you’re coming to.  You can also check to see if your friends are going.

We’ll see you out there.  Lot’s more coming soon.

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  • kelly (race_12_1)

    I am so glad I went to the fair show in Salt Lake since I can’t get to a Lovewell Live show. Are we going to get the honor of joining you via online streaming this tour?

  • Dave Pargas

    Concsert at the Puyallup fair was awesome. Love the new songs from Mr. Lovewell, especially all of Creation & Beautiful is exactly that. Thanks for your ministry.

  • Stephen Jackson

    Such an awesome show in Santa Rosa, May God Bless and keep you safe while on tour. You are doing a great job of spreading his love and compassion. Bless you all.

  • Elizabeth Hurlburt

    I did not go to the Santa Rosa concert because I was babysitting for my son and his wife so that they could go. They don’t get to get out much with two small children and my son working full time and going to seminary. They came home raving about it. They also agreed to support a child through Compassion Ministries. We are all fans in this house. I have all of your albums. God bless you and your ministry.

  • Stefanie

    If at all possible, can you guys play Spoken For Thursday night in Sioux City, Iowa. I have yet to hear the song live. Thanks so much for all you guys do and God bless you all!!

  • Catherine

    Going to the Naperville, IL show. Hubby bought tickets since that night is also my birthday! Can’t wait to see you, can’t think of a better way to spnd my birthday! If you are doing any of your older songs in the tour (I know its your Lovewell tour) can you please do Homesick?

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