The Complete MercyMe Experience

Hey everyone. We wanted to let you know about a little auction we are having to support Porter’s Call in Nashville.  This auction includes the following and can be bid on here:

* 2 FREE tickets to any 2010-2011 MercyMe show that is mutually agreed upon.
*2 passes to attend sound check, if applicable.
(Please note: The band does not do sound at every show.)
*2 passes for a catered meal backstage before the show
(Subject to entire band’s availability)
*Meet & greet with the band after the show.

**Travel and lodging are not included. The winning bidder is responsible for all flights, transportation and lodging.

Click here to bid!

We are also auctioning a MERCYME Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Junior & signed CD/DVD. Click here to bid on that.

Spread the word!

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  • Kris Aikens

    Trying to subscribe to the newsletter but it won’t go through. Also, just curious, do the guys ever read the facebook page?? If so, I sent a very heartfelt message recently and would love to know that someone at least got it. Dont need a response just wanted to thatnk them for a special situation. Id love if Bart a heads up and could read it. It really would mean a lot to this mom and who knows, it might mean somethng to them too. Thanks! Kris Aikens

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