What Should The Next Single Be?

We’re trying to decide what the next single off our record should be and we figured you were the best people to ask? Below you will find some clips of the songs that we believe are the ‘front-runners’, “Move”, “Beautiful” and “Back To You”. Below that is a place to vote for your favorite. You can also chose ‘Other’, but if you do, let us know what your choice is in the comments. Seems fun right? Here we go.

[audio:http://mercyme.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/MercyMe-Move-Clip.mp3|titles=MercyMe – Move (Clip)] Beautiful
[audio:http://mercyme.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/MercyMe-Beautiful-Clip.mp3|titles=MercyMe – Beautiful (Clip)] Back To You
[audio:http://mercyme.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/MercyMe-Back-To-You-Clip.mp3|titles=MercyMe – Back To You (Clip)] [poll]

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  • Rachel

    I think Move really would get some attention, but Beautiful is the type that would get the side of the road testimonies as Imagine did.

  • Elizabeth

    Hey MercyMe!!! How are you guys doing? Hope everything is going good!! I love all those songs yall have but I like Move the best. I like it more because the music & it’s catchy. But I love the lyrics in all of them!! Hope to see you guys in concert again one day!! That’ll be my 4th time!! 🙂 I love you guys!! God bless!! Have a wonderful day!!

  • Michelle Valdez

    cannot wait to see you at harvest this year..
    your songs i loved them all but Move was the best. i like the up beat tempo.
    all your music is GREAT!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    I love all the songs, however my favorite is back to you. I would really like to hear that song on the radio. Looking forward to seeing you guys In concert. God bless and keep bringing on the music!!!

  • Hayley Drew

    The Generous Mr. Lovewell is my favorite album from y’all. And Move is one of my absolute favorite songs from it. I love it! It’s super fun to walk/jog to also 🙂

  • Deniece

    I love the whole album, so it’s hard to choose! I picked Beautiful yesterday on Facebook, but I think for a catchy summertime tune, Move is the best choice. Just got my tix to see you in San Bernardino! I am sooooo excited! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

  • Laura Sondreal

    Christian Music needs some fun, upbeat music like this. I love the contemplative ballads too, but they can get you down if thats all there is to listen to while you drive or clean the house.

  • Tina Coates

    They are all wonderful songs, but there is just something about the lyrics in back to you that hits home. What other place is there to go, but back to you. Thanks guys for you service to the Lord. I love your music! Just thought I would let you know that homesick is my favorite song. 🙂

  • Connor

    I love This Life and The Generous Mr Lovewell. They are real catchy and upbeat. Probably my favorite song on the album

  • brek cockrell

    All great songs but iwas hoping to hear Won’t You Be My Love!

  • Cassie

    I voted for Beautiful, but only cause I think it has more of a Christian message, God’s view of us, and his awesome love for us. But I listen to Move more because It cheers me up and makes me want to dance in my car/seat/kitchen…where ever! But just cause the beat is rock’n doesn’t trump the message of God’s Love! Keep kicken out some songs! You guys are Blessed!

  • Angela

    I love the new album! It is hard to pick from the songs, but I am thinking Crazy Enough would be awesome!!!!! Thanks for your faithfulness and talents!

  • Kristine

    I like this life and free better. keep them all coming though- great stuff!

  • Christi

    I like them all! You can’t go wrong with either one.

  • gale marion

    I think Beautiful is the best single. It reminds me of Imagine. We chose Imagine for my 14 yr. old son’s funeral, it had a huge impact on everyone.

  • Pokinatcha

    “This LIfe”. It’s catchy and I love the message in it. But hey, I don’t listen to the radio and I love all your songs. Any song that’s picked is gonna be awesome!

  • Chela

    I picked “Move” this time, because it could be a great ‘cross-over’ song that could get more people listening to Mercy Me and God’s message!

  • Megan Hagen

    Ooh, tough choice. However, “Move” is upbeat, it makes me want to move and praise the Lord! Be sure to sing it at Harvest Anaheim, CA.

  • Renee

    The reason I chose beautiful is that it reminds of a passage n the bible: how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things. Romans 10:15 KJV

  • Rhea Robinson

    Back to you has my vote! I love them all but that one speaks to me the most! It seems I have slowned to a crawl and need to get back to Him! Thank you for your music! It moves me and my family and helps keep us closer to our Lord. Blessings to you all!!!

  • tbow

    I was kinda hoping for “until the whole world hears” no wait who is this again? =)

  • JJ

    Please do “Won’t You Be My Love”

  • Mark Cohn

    Only you remain would get my vote. It is outstanding. It says all that is going on will fade an d that at the end of the day God has and will always remain

  • Jule

    THIS LIFE is the best! It is what made me buy the album, it rocks! And I wanted to ‘get in line’ because it really made sense.

  • Tom

    I keep on reading how beautiful has more of Christian message. To me, “move” is about being resilient in the face of adversity and not let anything get us complacient in our chase of doing what God has called us to do. In this age of adversity the body of Christ needs to keep our eyes on Jesus and not on our circumstances.

  • Kristi Kozma

    I like the “Move” song. Its upbeat and and seems like it would get the people to strive to move forward in their relationship with God. It deffinately Encourages me =)

  • Patsy

    Won’t you be my love…..this is an awesome song, I know you don’t have it on your list but you should consider it…I thank you for what you do and I worship with you every day

  • DeeDee

    Definitely “Move”, with “Back to You” running in close second.

    And if you wanted a slower/more worshipful song to release as a single, I think that “Only You Remain” is a really, really good one. In fact, I hope there’s an accompaniment track for this one, ’cause I want to sing it in church!!

  • Connie

    It is time for God’s Church to MOVE!

  • Freida

    Okay, I love them all. My choice was made by the reaction of my almost 2 yr old grandson! He clapped on all of them, but when Back to You came on he began dancing and afterwards, held his hands up and said “Yay!”

  • Kelsey

    Only You Remain should be the next single!

  • eformanator

    I like “Back to You.”
    God bless you
    Following everyone on Twitter.

  • Marcia

    I love “Only You Remain” It should be the next single!

  • Ana


  • Christa

    I voted Back To You.

    Move is a great dancing song, and I love Beautiful, it’s probably my favorite on the album, but Back To You is super catchy pop and I think it would be the most likely to get stuck in people’s heads.

  • Mitch

    “Only You Remain” is sure fire hit. MercyMe and the power ballad at their best! Love em all

  • nyj

    i agree 100% with rachel

  • Dianne

    I love both, Move and Back to You. While I voted for Move; I think that Back to You would be an excellent choice too. They are both amazing.

  • Tangie Renee

    I love this whole album! It is just what the world needed right now. The whole project was clearly inspired and guided by God. But I have to say that as ironic as this may be, the song “This Life” became a road trip memory for our family traveling to and from Big Ticket Festival in Gaylord, MI (of which Mercy Me was not even a participating artist).

  • Mike

    That’s a hard choice. I hope you eventually release all three as singles. I voted for Back to You but you will not disappoint with any of the songs on the album!

  • Toto

    THIS LIFE!!!!!

  • belen

    dear mercy me, well so far move moves all people everyone needs a little of uplifting music to set free and bring lift in churches , we seem to see more boredom in people life with routine we need lifting songs to wake the dead and well for me it wakes my spirit to a new high..

  • Alyssa Lewis

    I think “This Life” would be very marketable with the potential for crossing over into mainstream radio, thereby creating the possibility of new fans and new people learning about Christ through your music.

  • Joe

    “This Life” is easily my #1 pick as another single from the album, hands down. Second choice would be “Only You Remain” because it’s such an awesome worship song. But of those three I would have to say “Move.”

  • Cyndi

    My first pick was “Move”. It’s an awesome and fun song. But I chose “Beautiful” because it speaks very clearly to the heart of the lost. And I know that is your desire in your music. I absolutely love all of your music. I think you just need to put it all on the radio. 🙂

  • Ana

    you rock!!!!!! And GOD BLESS YOU

  • Ana


  • Stacey

    The next single should be the first one on the album “This Life” – I LOVE that song!!!! Actually, love the whole album.
    Wish you guys were going to be in Springfield, MO. Our whole family LOVES to listen to Mercy Me.

  • Randy Fry

    Won’t You Be My Love is my vote for next single! They’re all great though…

  • Brandon

    Wont you be my love is by far the best song.

  • Marissa

    The one that speaks to me is “Free.” that’s the only one that I could hear on the radio,but really???Who are we kidding??? Yall will have more than two songs from that cd played on the radio,lol. You always do. God bless and keep up with awesome writing!

  • Cristina

    I voted for ‘Beautiful’ but it was a HARD choice!! I love all the songs and you guys rock. God bless you all.

  • +Ron Scheuchzer

    Move – You know I like the faster songs!!

  • Tanni

    I voted for Back to you—but I have to tell you that I love all the songs on the CD. Most inspiring to me—Crazy Enough and Won’t you be my love—good stuff.
    And if I was voting for my 3 boys (6,4,4)—they handsdown love–This LIfe.

    Thanks for all your hard work. 🙂

  • Mary Kirk

    I voted for “Move” because that song simply rocks!!!

  • Meg

    I absolutely LOVE this CD. I think it’s your best so far. It’s a very tough choice but I voted for “Move”. Saw you in Murfreesboro, TN recently. Love it when you come to middle TN!!!

  • Jeremy

    I heard your “acoustic” version of “Move” that you did for KLOVE on youtube. It was awesome. I couldn’t imagine voting for any other song.

  • Ron

    cannot find an area for comments…but I find it interesting that the majority seem to be in the “move” mode…however..I am in the other category…I personally love “This Life” for an upbeat tune..great message of how we need to live our lives..and also “Only You Remain” great worship tune..as is “Free”…love the current single “All of Creation”…but those would be my top 3 overall….

  • maria

    I really like the entire album, I enjoy Move, the music and songs are so cheery and uplifting-The very first sentence stays in my head all day-
    I’m not about about to give……

  • Morgan

    I absolutely love all of your songs! But my favorite is most definitely “The Generous Mr. Lovewell”.

  • Cri

    I think “Crazy Enough” should be your next single. The message and the lyrics are GREAT! God bless YOU in all that you’re doing for HIM! Cri from Germany. 🙂

  • Cri

    Little mistake in my recent comment. I meant “The message and the MUSIC” of this song are really great!!! Bye.

  • ann reynolds

    i love your new c.d. that came out may, 2010.
    i bought about eight copes to give away, and i play mine so many times a day. I had about all your c.d. and dvd recordings. unfortunatly someone took some of them and i’m trying to
    replace them. i hope whoever got them, loves them as much as i did. their lives will
    greatly be changed. mine was, god bless all
    of you. your light definitly shines in the world and in my heart. my mission is to shine. my light was meant to shine,and to lift up his name by the life i live. all of you are so inspiring. much continued success. u.r.light

  • Shera

    New fan…saw you last night at Ignite Chicago. Move is great but Beautiful left a mark on my heart. The story about it being for your little girls touched my heart and left me in tears. Keep on spreading your messages because you never know who you will touch. Thanks to that song I am ‘Free’ of some long time hurt I have carried.
    Thank you and bless you all.

  • Tracey

    I absolutely love “Beautiful”. This songs is so inspirational. It is like God is speaking to me. We all must be reminded of how special we are in God’s eyes. We are of more value than the earth and skies above, we are the ones he madly loves! I love those lyrics!!!

  • Sarah Bergey

    i think my favorite on the cd is ‘this life’. but i voted for ‘beautiful’ because that song really speaks t me and i could totally hear it on the radio. 🙂

  • tyler smith

    i like only you remian is a great song!!!!!!!!!! it talks about god being the only one that will remain for ever

  • Lisa (SunnySide)

    I voted for ‘Move’, but I think ‘Beautiful’ would do well on CCM radio.
    I really enjoyed hearing the song performed live over the weekend. Well done, gentlemen!
    Thanks again to Pastor Joel for being a good friend. Check out the pics on my fb page (they are all thanks to his kindness.) Sorry, Bart, my camera just did not like you that night 🙁 I couldn’t get a clear pic.

  • Kateri Brnett

    This CD came out at a time in my life that I needed the Love of our Lord is closer than I ever thought. Thank you for for wonderful, Beautiful music you have allowed us to enjoy and feel like we really are loved by God our Father and Savior. I Love the song Move because it has moved me to a more comforting place in my life. Yes this is the next #1 song…. But I love the whole CD

  • Ben Krager

    Only You Remain is a great worship song that testifies to the glory and power of God and all that He stands for.

  • Tara Fincher

    Deffinately “Beautiful”. I have used it as a ministry tool many times to lift others out of dispair. It did that for me the first time I listened to it. It would have, by far, the most impact on the public listeners and isn’t that what it’s all about? Love you guys! Hope to see ya in the NWArkansas area!

  • Dawn Teague

    I just love you guys !!!! All of your music has a special place in my heart and life. There are so many that have helped me through situtions. I turned 50 yrs old this July and was proposed to on my birthday, we are using several of your songs at our wedding. I vote this time for MOVE. It has such power and makes everyone move while listening. We saw you guys when you where in Indiana in the spring.The whole place was Movin’in.. When you need your next single come back to the others then just go through your whole album every song is able to be a single. We love you keep doing what you do. GOD Bless you and Thank you Lord for sending us MERCY ME.You are powerful!!

  • Tina - Biggest fan in St. Louis!

    I love, love, love “Only You Remain”. I listen to this over and over on my way to work. What an awesome praise song to the Lord God Almighty!! But if I HAVE to pick of the three I like “Beautiful” the best. I listen to your CDs more than the radio!

  • Gretchen

    Thanks for a great concert at Great American Ballpark on Sunday! It was an awesome birthday for me. I also love Beautiful but would love to hear Won’t you be my love. Best of luck guys!

  • Seth

    To MercyMe,

    I chose other in this ‘next single’ option as I feel there is a song that isn’t listed as a choice that I think should be the next single.

    The song happens to be “Won’t You Be My Love”.

    Generous Mr. Lovewell is full of fantastic melodies and catchy. However, “Won’t You Be My Love” is a majestic ballad tucked away towards the end of the album. Upon first listening to “Won’t You Be My Love” it resonated with me in a big way. It was convicting. The lyrics show God’s need for us to be available, “I need your help.”

    In a sense, MercyMe, God is asking you guys to be His love just as he is asking us. The message of the song almost seems like a letter or a phone call from God asking us to be the voice that teaches, and the hand that reaches.

    I’m sure for everyone there is someone in their life that when we see them, God asks: “Won’t you be my love for them?” I know this is true in my life.

    The song itself isn’t a demanding call to action, rather a nudging of the Holy Spirit that asks one to extend God’s love to others.I ask that you strongly consider this song as a calling to all believers everywhere.

    “Won’t you be voice calling,
    Won’t you be hands healing,
    Won’t you be my feet walking,
    To a broken world.” – God

  • Dnanomous

    I voted for “Other” because I think it should be “All of Creation”.

  • Josh Torres

    Yo BROS…your music is awsome! so you guys had me thinking…and it was a tough decision, having “move” on the top of the choices, but listening to “back to you” was great! I like the change in rythem but it doesnt mean its better cuz all ur music is uplifting! Not to mention ur lyrics! You guys are the best! Hope you guys keep walking strong and never back down! God Bless!!
    -josh T.

  • Barbara Gordon

    I saw you last night at Soulfest 2010 and you put on an awesome show! I loved the new song “Move.” God bless you all!

  • Lynn Garcia

    I voted other, I would love it to be Won’t You be My Love. That song really speaks to me and I think it would speak to others as well.

  • Sonja Jordan

    I like the vibe of all three but I chose “back to you” because it gives me yet another attempt at poorly imitating such a great voice.

  • Adam G.

    I vote “This Life”. It is very catchy and makes you want to get up and dance.

  • cynthia hester

    FREE gets my vote. the whole cd is great & love all the songs. Don’t take this wrong way, but I think the 3 given to vote for come close be considered crossover unless you listen close & know what you’re listening to. I truly love your music & am sure whatever you choose will glorify our Lord.

  • Julia Ammons

    Beautiful resonated with me because of the video I watched. My son is going to be deployed after recently completing Air Force Basic Training. Please pray with me for his and all of our Nation’s other sons to come home safe. Thanks for your service…Julia

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