‘Move’ Live

Here’s a little video for the song “Move” taken from The Rock & Worship Roadshow this Spring. Hope you enjoy. Spread the word about this with the Twitter and Facebook links above.

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  • Saray Galeano

    <definitivamente espectacular!!!! Dios los bendiga!!!

  • Paisley

    Can’t help but ‘move’ when I hear this song. Love it and all the other songs on the cd.

  • Karen Soto

    I love this song but I tried 2 different computers and the video kept cutting out on me. Thought I’d let you know. Love the song and from what I saw I love the video. God Bless!

  • Daniel Biaggi

    Guy’s, I’m from Brazil. Your songs are so inspiring to me and your sound is unlike any other. I love it! I’m a huge fan e I want you know how much you’re used by God’s hands to spread out good music and the gospel to nations. I hope I can see you here I Brazil some day… God Bless You!!!

  • Marie Ferland

    That is an awesome song! You really have to “move” when this is playing!

  • Destiny Rose


  • Christina Martinez

    I love your music

  • Mrsoul

    Takes me right back to the Rock and Worship show in Columbia, SC. Thanks and still spinning this CD everyday and several times a day most days!

  • April

    Looks like the Cedar Rapids show maybe? Awesome!!

  • Kristi

    Love your music, love the new CD…

  • Susie

    I love it. Thank you. I cannot wait to see you live at Ignite Chicago

  • Michele

    I love this song. I’m wearing out the Mr. Lovewell CD!! I just can’t get enough of it. Keep Rockin’ and God Bless you all!

  • Lorisa

    Fantastic song! One of my favorites on the new CD!

  • Alan Ribeiro

    I loved this song!
    I will pray that God will bless you.
    MercyMe in Brazil, as soon as possible.
    Jesus always reigned!

  • April Brisky

    This has got to be one of the greatest songs and performances I have seen in a LONG time! Thank you for sharing your love of music with the world, I have newborn twins and I love having them listen to you guys! They get excited and kick around in the car when “Move” and “Generous Mr. Lovewell” comes on, so I think they would say those are their favorites :). God Bless!

  • Jann Kleist

    My friends and I saw you in Ontario, CA this spring. The concert was fabulous. I enjoy every song on the Mr. Lovewell CD … your lyrics are moving!!!!! Thanks for all you do for so many!!!

  • Alissa

    amazing, you guys! I love this song. The whole entire album is beautiful. I am constantly listening to it.
    I cannot help but move when I hear this song. It’s great. 🙂 I love it.
    I blast this in my car all the time.

    Come back to Portland OR soon!
    God bless you guys!
    Much Love,

  • mrnmrsyounger

    I love it !!! Watch another version here.


  • Marliss

    Can’t help but move when I hear this, just as my friends & I did when the roadshow came to Madison. We really had a marvelous time.

  • alyse

    okay now i see what all the hype is about – this is pretty snazzy

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