‘Lovewell’s’ First Week

Hey everybody! We sold over 87,000 albums the first week, and debuted at #3 on billboard! All because of you the fans! We cannot say thank you enough!

This past week we sat speechless as people rallied around “Mr. Lovewell!” While we had a blast trying to reach #1, seeing people actually making a difference by “loving others well” is what truly caught us off guard. What we hoped would take place during the next several months, actually started taking place in a week! In the past few days, we have literally heard hundreds and hundreds of stories of people living out the gospel by loving others well.

Why were we motivated to go for the #1 spot on the charts? Because it gives Mr. Lovewell legs! All of a sudden mainstream media starts asking what ‘Lovewell’ is all about, and just like that, we have an open door to point to Christ in a big way! The good news is, because of you, we have still succeeded! Hitting the top 5 on billboard is huge! There are much bigger mainstream labels that are scratching their heads wondering how a “Christian” album pulled this off? Heads have been turned and God will get His glory! Like missionaries being sent to a foreign country, please continue to pray for us and other artists that are trying to have a voice in a very “foreign” industry.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and keep “loving well”

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  • Michelle Sayles

    Mercy Me,
    I LOVE what you are doing! And I find it very inspiring. I believe if everyone in Christ can do atleast one Christ like deed a day, that would be 365 days spreading the love of Christ to others, what an impact that can have! Just IMAGINE! Love you all! and Bless God for you!

    Michelle Sayles

  • Mom S

    Way to go God! Opening doors that cannot be shut!

  • Marc

    You guys are an inspiration to us all, keep the hits coming. The inventor of music is taking his people to the top so they can shine his light.

  • LMcCutchen

    One of the things I love & appreciate most right now with the Christian artists I am listening too is the transparency/tenderness & strength in so many. I know this may sound like an odd combination, but hang on a sec:)
    Transparency of heart, the strength to be so vunerable and the tenderness & strength of words, voices & music to pull it off. It’s all very evident in this new album (along with a few others I’m listening to right now). You guys have been able to encourage, open eyes & brighten days with The Generous Mr Lovewell! Thanks! 🙂

  • Diane (eadin)

    Awesome!! I absolutely love the new cd! Mr. Lovewell has totally inspired me

  • Pokinatcha

    That’s awesome! Will praying for your ministry & for many open doors.

  • Destiny

    That is sooo cool!! Congratulations!!!! You guys practically made history!!!!!!!!! You guys totally rock and completely earned that spot!!!

  • Otommy

    Very nice, smooth as the Lamb…praise

  • JC

    As I’ve enjoyed listening to the music I have also found the message sinking in and looking for ways to love well. What a challenge to believers and what a message to nonbelievers. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  • Gregg

    Congratulations and blessings! Praying that God continues to use y’all to spread His Word and message. Thank you for shining His light!

  • SunnySide

    Congrats, Guys!

  • Laura

    I don’t know how you do it. Somehow MercyMe always manages to give me what i need to hear. Thank you for this amazing blessing.


    Praise the LORD! TO HIM BE THE GLORY. We will pray that you make it to #1 because HE IS THE ONE!!! May God truly bless you as you serve him!!!

  • Paisley

    Congrats, love the new cd!

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