Columbia, SC

Well, The Roadshow has come to a close and we can’t even begin to tell you how much of a blast we had.  The bands that were out with us couldn’t have been more fun and we appreciate all of you who came out to see the show.  Last night was the infamous ‘last night of the tour’ or ‘prank night’ and while we typically aren’t much of pranksters we thought what happened last night made for a memorable last night of the tour.

Now that the tour is over, it’s time to focus this week on the release of The Generous Mr. Lovewell (May 4th). But first we want to know, what was your favorite part of The Roadshow?

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  • Giann Gonzales

    My favorite part of the Roadshow was Mercy Me’s performance!!

  • churchpunk_33

    FF5 taping Bart to the mic stand was genius. FF5’s prank during Crowder’s set was pretty amazing, too.

  • Mindy Dieter

    I was at the Portland OR show! Bart had a sore throat that night and told us he would need our help. As his voice weakened and he steped away from the mic, you could see such a sense of peace and true worship on his face! It wasn’t about wether or not he could “perform” that night but that he and all of us there were to worship. That’s truely blessed me and my family! Thank you Lord!

  • Paisley

    I didn’t get to go to any of the concerts but I was in attendance every night for the online broadcast. I enjoyed all of it, some of my favorite parts were MercyMe’s performances and I loved DC*B’s performance of “How He Loves Us”. I also really enjoyed chatting with others who were watching online. A real treat was when Jim’s wife Misti chatted with us one night. I have made so many wonderful friends online every since Brody began streaming the MM concerts in the fall of 2008. I’m one of the faithfuls who began watching from day one every since the streaming began. I have been so blessed.

  • james

    Awesome night. I always learn alot from other worship leaders and watching them and am able to take away from that for worship at my own church. Personally my favorite was the wole night but mercy me’s performance was amazing and I loved the cover of revolution.

  • Kevin

    I went to the one in Fort Wayne, IN and I absolutely enjoyed it all! Hard to pick out a single moment when it was all awesome! But if I had to pick, I would choose David Crowder Band’s “No One Like You” the whole place seemed to erupt! It was awesome!

  • Richard

    All of the bands were amazing as always but I really enjoyed MercyMe’s performance. However, FF5’s was pretty awesome as well and their pranks (especially the 1 on david crowder) were pretty funny. 🙂 can’t wait to see what the Roadshow brings to Columbia next year!

  • Norton Webber

    The reality of it is, MMe is in concert in my Camry every day! I first started to listen after I got the Christmas Sessions-‘Silent Night” blows me away-not in a blasphemous way though. If I had to choose an album-Coming up to Breath really sticks it and I have been working on “I Would Die for YOu” and actually sang it in church a week or so back. “Finally Home” Homesick” “Hold Fast” just to name a few.
    Favorite line? “my life has never been this clear, Now I know the reason why I’m here.”
    Turning 70 this May!! Rockin’ check out the web url above, I maintain the site, etc. Bart, never fear, no competition from me, but in my little Camry studio, I am superb. I can only imagine keeping my voice up there. Words cannot express my appreciation and I might add, the guys in jail love it too. do not be surprised if you hear tell of some old geezer on you tube oding your voice, I just go into antics. God Bless, N

  • Norton Webber

    Oh, I envision a “so Long self that is similar to yours, but with self images overlaid trying to get me to go back to the old me, like on my shoulder. I have to keep shooing my old self away, but the last year, knowing I was doing His will/ what a peace, it passes all understanding. N

  • ashley Johnson

    i Love Mercy Me yeah

  • Mark Johnson

    Hey guys, great show on Sunday night. Here’s my take on the Roadshow in Columbia. Looking forward to the next MM or Roadshow!!!
    Come to Greenville, SC soon!

    Thank you for taking me on such a journey Sunday night! Props to you and your ministry. See ya down the road…


  • Alissa

    I too, was at the Portland, OR show. Bart was losing his voice that night.
    My favorite part?:
    As Bart voice faded away, he backed away from the mic. As he continued to sing along, he was listening and looking out into the crowd sing. He had the biggest smile on his face! I agree with Mindy; you could see such a sense of peace and true worship on his face! We were all there to worship the Lord, all together, praising Him. It truly touched my heart; looking and hearing everyone sing like that, and seeing Bart’s face light up like that. :]

    And I also loved Bart’s beautiful message he gave, words I really needed to hear. So, thank you.

    I really needed that night, it was so uplifting and I walked out of that place so refreshed. It was amazing worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, with the thousands of our brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s such a beautiful thing to me; listening to everyone praise and worship the Lord, with thousands of hands in the air! It just gives me goosebumps. It’s such a beautiful sight to see.

    It was an amazing night and I cannot wait for The Rock and Worship Roadshow 2011. Thank you for an awesome time, guys. God Bless you all!

    Much love,

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