Columbus, OH

Ohio.  You guys were loud tonight.  What a crowd.  With the absence of the David Crowder*Band tonight we had a little extra time so we threw in “Alright” into the set and you people were ready to sing.  Thanks for coming out.

We’ve got one more show on this tour.  South Carolina, we’re coming for you.  Are you ready?

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    hey I just got back from the concert tonight… you guys were great. I was looking for you after the show to get autographs but I couldn’t find you guys. but you guys are the best…… and today you made me lucky because i have epilepsy and usually have a seizure every day… and tonight I didn’t have one at all… it all because of you guys, and GOD thank you for a great time.

  • Melanie Lattocha

    You guys were great!! The whole show was awesome!! I’m a youth worker with Pastor Josh Nichols and the East Richland Friends Church and the shout out from Family Force 5 was the highlight for our kids. They gave up alot to be there by missing their prom, but I know that God was glorified!! I just love what God has done with our youth. We have a great group of kids. It’s because of bands like Mercy Me that we are able to help these kids in their walks of faith. Thanks for all you do and I’m looking forward to seeing you again. God Bless, Melanie

  • Rachel Wire

    I went to your show with my youthgroup from Vilolet Baptist Church and my youth pastor is Keith Hurt and he is a great pastor! I thought it was completly AWESOME!!!! It was so loud i couldn’t tell if i was singing or not, thats how loud it was, but thats good!! And thanks for coming to columbus, it was great! thanks, Rachel

  • Alisha Dorsey

    Thanks for such an amazing concert! Gods love definitely shined through all of the bands last. I brought my 4 year son, he really liked it! I love the meaningful lyrics! I could feel it through my soul! Just wanted to let you guys know what you are doing touches lives, and thats amazing!!!

  • Sheryl

    Once again this year circumstances have not allowed me attend the RWRS, but Lord willing I will catch one next year. I am however planning on being at Faith Day at the Cincinnati Reds game this summer and can’t wait. It has been almost 9 months since my last MM concert and I think I am having withdrawal…Thank God for my preordered CD which should arrive VERY SOON!!!

  • Autumn

    Awesome show in Columbus, OH. Missed the David Crowder Band. Can’t wait until next year. MercyMe ended the show on a great worship note. It is just so great to be able to worship God with thousands of other believers and really feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.

  • Maureen Compton

    Thank you for such an amazing show.

  • ashley Johnson

    hey nathan you are the bomb and i like your guys bart you were great you rocked my sock and nathana you make me laugh are you single if you can email my mom @ you are my best friend i have your back ground on my computere

  • ashley Johnson

    hey u thank you for amazing show you guys./

  • Jean Mekolites

    Thank you for the awesome show.Great worship experience for my 8 year old grandson and 4 year old granddaughter and myself.God bless you guys in all you do!

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