Ft. Wayne, IN

Ft. Wayne. What can we say. Thanks so much for showing up and singing. The crowd tonight was amazing. We were ministered tonight more than you can possibly know.

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  • Jodi Gogos

    Thank you for everything…the messages you shared with us were amazing. It was my first Christian concert and it was so incredible to be under one roof with so many people who loved Christ like I do. It must be awesome knowing you can be a diciple, delivering the word of God to so many people… keep on my friend!

  • Alicia

    Thank you for an amazing night of Worshipping our Savior! You have changed me but more importantly I believe you have changed my 9 yr old son’s heart forever as well. Glory to God!!

  • Lisa (SunnySide)

    It was a good crowd. Very loud!

  • Rachael Kirchner

    THANK YOU! You did an amazing show once again for my family and I. We went to your show in the summer also here in the great Fort. My 4, 6, and 9 year old children get fed by you! I just want you to know that my 9 year old daughter said when we left last night, “Mommy that man did a good job again, Praising God.” I want you to know those memories you leave with my family will last a lifetime, and I THANK YOU. The Lord gave you gentleman an amazing gift and I believe that you share this gift with such tremendous effort . The Rock “n Roadshow was so fulfilling to my heart and I cannot say to you enough THANK YOU! The Kirchner Family

  • Lisa S

    Thank you for bringing the tour to FORT wayne. We are so blessed that folks like you come to our city! Your messages were spot on, and incredibly inspiring! I especially loved seeing so many young people there, praising God and having fun in a safe place. I’ve just gotta ask, though, what’s up with the gnome on the stage by the keyboard player?????? There’s gotta be a story behind that one.
    God Bless you, and hurry back, Fort Wayne loves you!

  • A much needed soul

    Thank you so much! It was great! Been struggling a lot lately and it was just what I needed to hear and all the music seemed to hit the spot as well! Thanks so much!

  • josiah davenport

    hey had a great time wish i could have met you bart you were amazing enjoyed singing along with every song. can’t wait til you get back to fort wayne hopefully sooner than later then maybe next time i will get to meet you and tell you how amazing you guys really are…. stay cool see ya soon ….

  • Rachel

    Awww, I was busy so I missed it! Come back to Fort Wayne for your Mr. Lovewell tour! Anxiously awaiting its release and your return.

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