The Dove Awards

It was an absolute honor sharing the stage with the very talented David Crowder last night at The Dove Awards.  We’ve had the pleasure of touring with David for the past month and a half and also the pleasure of hearing “How He Loves Us” every night.  Congratulations to David for taking home Worship Record Of The Year, and a huge thanks for playing with us.

Bart and Natalie did a great job hosting, all the performances were great and it was awesome to catch up with old friends.

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  • Andrea

    When do we find out the winners? I hear it will be on t.v. Sunday. do you know the time or channel it will be airing on?

  • Annette Granger

    Blessed by all of you, Jim …. when the Lord moves in and through a surrendered heart like you all have, great things happen! Your success is no accident; God’s purpose in all of you is being fulfilled. Awesome that WE receive the blessing of your obedience as well as you!! Blessings ….

  • Jennifer W

    So awesome.

    Andrea, you can find all the info you’ll need here:


  • Jamie P

    You all were awesome last night! You all with David Crowder was the best! I loved that most every performance was a collaboration of people. Made it a once in a lifetime experience. Hopefully I’ll get to go again in years to come! Bart, nice job as a host! But Natalie did look a lot nicer!! And I’m glad Casting Crowns didn’t play I can only Imagine…haha, but she was funny! It was really neat seeing everything from behind the scenes.

  • Jen

    Can we watch it online because I don’t have that channel 🙁 and I reeeeeeally wanna watch them!!!!

  • Lynn

    Can anyone tell me what the presale code is at ticketmaster? I really want to get some tickets before they go on sale to the public Saturday morning! Thanks!

  • Deborah L. Rodin

    Just wanted to say: Praise The Lord! For All You Do!!! Love You!
    Sincerely, Deborah

  • Chanin

    What an amazing performance at the Dove Awards! It was my absolute fave. The whole place was standing,swaying and singing along!It was a true testimony for us all! I won’t forget that! What a blessing!Can’t wait til next year! Glad to see your tour calendar. Will plan to see ya in “the boro” on May 21st! ;~)

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