Cedar Rapids, IA

Iowa came to sing, and man were you loud.  There’s nothing quite like standing on a stage hearing a group of believers singing back at you.  I’m blessed to be a part of that.

Indiana, we’ll see you tomorrow.

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  • Michael

    It was awesome to be there and hear you guys LIVE again!
    I hope you guys bring the Roadshow back to Cedar Rapids next year!
    Maybe the U.S. Cellular Center will have A/C by then!

  • Jennifer Nesley

    The concert was fun and loud, so happy,thrilled,excited and extremely thankful that you came to Cedar Rapids, Iowa again. I now it was s hot but well worth the wait. Love the new songs especially the one called Move very good, excellent. You helped once again get my mind off of my problems or crisis. Please will you help pray for my mom to get news that she has another three months to live without uterine sarcoma cancer in stage three. I also pray for my dad to have his mind for a little longer, thats why your concert meant a lot to me. Thank You Thank You

  • Pam

    what an awsome concert last night, I took my two sisters, they had never seen a show like this before. They liked it alot. I loved singing those songs as an audience, you could feel the spirit of the Lord on us. I hope you bring back the roadshow to Cedar Rapids next year, I have alot more people I want to expose to the Lord.
    I loved it

  • Sally

    Thanks Mercy Me for such an awesome night the other night! You and all the other bands were amazing! It was a very special and spirited night that I will always remember – thank-you for your time and energy that you put into the show. I am looking forward with hope for more RoadShow in the years to follow – it was as great as it was last year!
    God Bless!

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