Can’t Help Myself

I am on a plane, in seat 4E, heading to Los Angeles as I write this, and I am in tears thanks to Sandra McCracken.

Her new album “In Feast or Fallow” is one of the finest moments of worship I have ever heard. It is absolutely breathtaking!

Once in a blue moon you come across an album that, at first listen, you know it’s going to be the soundtrack for whatever season you are going through.

I can tell you right now this album will be MY album for a very long time.

In one listen it has reminded me that worship music can be and should be creative, refreshing, deep, original, awe-inspiring, God honoring, vulnerable, convicting and satisfying all at the same time.

Sandra does not just glorify Christ through her words, but through her craft.

It makes me want to make music…better music.

Thank you Sandra. I am on a plane, in seat 4E, heading to Los Angeles…having church.

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  • Toby

    Purchased! Great stuff! Thanks for the lead.

  • Trudie

    That is how I feel about some of your albums! Thanks for sharing, will definately go and buy one! Just wanted to say – my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour in January and I lost a dear friend on Monday, I have been listening to your awesome music non stop. Your beautiful words have been carrying me through this very difficult time, thank you so much for giving to the Lord. May God bless you and keep you!

  • em

    I will have check her music out. Thanks for leading us to music that worships you and will worship the world.

  • Sherri

    Wow. Thank you.

  • shelley

    Just as you are inspired by her, I am inspired by Mercy Me. Its amazing to me how each word, each song is just so amazingly written. It all glorifies God! Mercy Me is an awesome band, with Godly men, who bring it to worship and inspire the hearts of so many. Every song you write is so beautifully crafted to help people and show God’s love. Your band amazes me:) I just wanted you to know that your music is awe inspiring and so creative. So as you sat in your seat on the plane amazed at her music, I sit at my computer desk, inspired by all of you:)

  • Lorisa

    Wow! Had to go listen to who inspires the man at the head of the band who inspires me the most! You’re right! She’s amazing.
    Just know that you do the same for so many of us!

  • Sheryl

    One of the things that keeps amazing me about God is the fact that no matter how much we think we are beyond His grasp, he reaches out and brings something or someone into our lives that really touches us…He is so faithful that way. I am glad that he can bless you through others worship as you continue to use what He has given you.

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