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We’ve got a question for you. We know that there’s a risk that comes with putting our shows online every night for the world to see. We’ve done it for the past three years and the verdict is still out on if it’s a good idea or not. We think it’s a good idea and we’ve seen quite a community grow online, but would you chose that over the real thing? That’s the question.

So, if you don’t mind take a second and pick one of the options, and be honest. Thanks for your help.

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  • Stephen Robinson

    After seeing your show live in Spokane a couple of weeks ago, there is not doubt in my mind that I would much rather see you all live in concert. The streaming concert is a neat idea for those that can’t make it to the show, but it in no way replaces the experience of being in the presence of our Lord and Savior with 10,000 other people. Simply amazing.

  • thomas

    i love your concept of providing the footage online, and since i found it i have been watching regularly and sharing the experience with my fellow fans up here in the montreal area. but as stephen says, there is no substitute for the real experience of the live venue. i look forward to seeing you in person sometime soon….

  • Julie Phillips

    No question I would definitely go to the concert for a night of praise and worship.
    Having it online is great for people who couldn’t get to the concert, maybe they had to work; maybe concert soldout.
    Can’t wait until you come to Fort Myers, Florida! You guys rock for God!!!

  • WallyfromMichigan

    Online is a whole part of the RAWRS experience. Last year watched online and then attended (East Lansing, MI). This year have been watching online but can’t make it to 2010 RAWRS…but have donated. Love it.

  • Lacy

    I could never pass up attending your live concerts. There is nothing more powerful than worshipping with the body. Your songs are amazing and I enjoy the online streaming, but being in a room with hundreds of others celebrating and rejoicing in the name of Christ to your songs is absolutely breathtaking. It’s always a blessing to be so moved and feel His presence when we all unite to call out to Him.

  • Pokinatcha

    I agree with Stephen.
    I’d never choose online over the real thing. Not that I’d have to ever choose. When you guys come back to Hawai’i I’ll fly over to Oah’u to see you again & would probably even island hop.

    Thanks for streaming your concerts online. That is what made me an enthusiastic supporter of your ministry.

  • Jennifer C.

    I have a confession: although I’ve always liked you guys, I truly became a MM fan after watching an online concert. That was quite a few months ago, but I still remember how touched I was that afternoon as I listened to you perform. Thank you so, so much for streaming the concerts online; I can understand how risky it is to do it, but I think that you definitely touch people by doing so.

    By the way, if you came to Hawaii, I would go….but until then, I’m very happy that the online option is there!

    Thanks again and God bless you guys for all that you do!

  • Chip Henderson

    Thank you for streaming online and chatting with the people watching. The ability to see the show is a real blessing. But seeing it online is nothing compared to seeing it live. Being there in Madison was an incredible experience. Driving a few hours to a show is well worth it. Flying to a show is worth it. You guys are changing lives in ways you couldn’t possible imagine. Bless you all.

  • mountainmomof3

    I like that I can share your music live with my 3 little girls b/c I don’t feel that a concert is an appropriate place for them. The computer offers that for them without the damage to their little ears. They love your music as much as I do and when they are of an age that they can see you live, you will have 3 avid supporters who can belt out the tunes with everyone else! I, myself, am just waiting for you guys to come a little closer so that my husband and I can actually go and see you. Last time you hit the Roanoke area we were all sick.Thanks for your ministry of music.

  • Mike Meyers

    I live in Springfield, MO and went to the Roadshow last year. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in my life! I shared the links on both twitter and facebook afterwards to get my friends involved. This year the Roadshow isn’t coming to Springfield, but it IS going to be in Tulsa and I’m taking my family and we are making a day of it! I’m so excited. Live and in person is ALWAYS better! Thanks guys for all you do!!!

  • em

    If The Rock and Worship Roadshow came to where I live, I would definitely go and pay $10 because it is a whole different experience when you are there instead of watching online. But, I watch it online every night I can.

  • Karen

    I’ve done both. We saw ya’ll with Aaron Shust in Virgina (we drove 4 hours to see the show) a few weeks back and I’ve watched the live stream. As much as I prefer watching live shows (and my tinnitus is proof of that), I’m grateful that I was able to watch the shows on the internet.

    God has blessed each and every one of you with your talents and I am thankful we are able to worship with you!

    Karen, New Jersey

  • Danielle

    Being able to watch online is a blessing but, NOTHING compares to seeing you guys live. It’s an experience like no other.

  • Karla

    I watched your performance on line a few weeks ago….it really did my heart wonders & it was something that I needed at the time. But as good as that was it paled in comparison to seeing you live. I have been to 2 of your shows here in Charleston, SC. Both were fabulous & I tell everyone that anytime you are in town I will be there!! 🙂 Even my daughters cannot wait until you come back for them to see….PRAISE GOD!

  • HarperClan

    We saw you in Madison and have watched the live stream about 5 times, too. We drove 2 hours to Madison, and after seeing the concert, We would have driven MUCH farther than that. It was amazing and GOD was there.

  • Dan Gross

    Considering I just paid $50 each for my kids to go to Kingdom Bound to see you guys headline (plus tix for us for the whole Festival), $10 for that number of acts would be a no-brainer. Especially if it encouraged more acts/”big” tours to do more than a toe-tap past the Mason-Dixon line…Will settle for the streaming shows in the interim. Might also want to do a poll to see what percentage of folks online are in areas not served by the Roadshow so far…

  • melanie Martin

    there is NOTHING like being at a live show!!! Louisiana wants you!!

  • Jackie

    I agree that NOTHING beats Mercy Me LIVE!!

  • Chadryan44

    Maybe you can do more with online advertising. Turn a risk into a Rev-Share opportunity. As your numbers grow, so shall your revenue. Mitigate your costs, or send the extra funds to imagineacure.

  • claudie brown

    I love to watch MM online, because I have not had a show close to me. I donate online and love to support MM. We also love Brody Harper and all he does to bring the show online. My daughter and I are going to see MM in Murfreesboro, Tn in May.

  • Tony Garcia

    Watching you and the other bands live was an awesome experience. Watching the concert online merely acted as a teaser for myself and my wife and kids. There is nothing like being able to see all the bands in person for only $10. We’ll be there again next year if you come back to Sacramento. You guys were a blessing, great job!

  • Chela

    Online has been a real blessing, but when you come in person, I want to be there! Thanks, guys!

  • Jennifer W

    I live in Cincinnati, and unfortunately the tour’s not coming close enough for us to go. 🙁 We wanted to go to the one in Columbus for my sister’s birthday..but turns out we already have plans that day…
    And I am a HUGE fan of EVERY Band on the tour, so finding out that I wouldn’t get to make it to one of the shows was crushing! D:
    Then I found out they were broadcasting it online every show! So it’s AWESOME that we can all grab a bag of popcorn, get our hulk gloves, and watch it all right from home. Plus, chatting on the ustream chat can be fun..a girl accepted Christ for the first time not too long ago on it!!! So THANK YOU for streaming it live..it really means a lot!
    But I’m sure it’s nothing like actually being there, if they were coming a bit closer I’d be there without thinking twice!! 🙂 ?

  • Dale

    I love watching it online. I plan to attend the one in Cedar Rapids but it’s on a Thursday and I live an hour away (and work until 5:30). So I’m still hoping to be able to go.

    I suspect what you’re going to find with your poll is the few people that responded with choosing online over going to the concert wouldn’t attend the concert anyway even if it weren’t offered online. Those are likely people that just don’t enjoy going to loud concerts in the first place.

  • Karen

    I honestly can’t get enough! I love seeing you online at the different locations & to be there live in Portland was awesome. This season to see Barts voice changing & to see the message still stronger than ever is a true testimony of reaching out with God’s Word inspite of our circumstances. A true message that brings glory to God! Thank you for all you do!!

  • Kevin Devin

    With 2 young children, and no extended family nearby, my wife and I hardly ever get out on a date as it is. The fact that your shows are online is a blessing to us. Once our boys are older though, We’ll certainly be there in person when the opportunity arises.

    On a side note, recently when you were in Sacramento, I knew my little sister would be there. Being able to watch it online from my end made it a special experience as my sister and I were able to experience the same show together even though I live in Seattle.

    Thank you for putting your shows online. I certainly appreciate it.


  • Jeanette

    Was at the Long Beach show..
    I bought the VIP donor ticket, and, we also added to the collection.. I hope it helped with costs
    AND I’ve been watching online.. so to answer the question, YES I would pay and Go to the concert and I’m watching online.. I just think the LB show was in too large of a venue.. rental must of been killer..

  • Dawn Douglas

    I took 2 of my daughters to the concert in Spokane. We watched it on line the days before the concert to get us pumped and excited for it. Then after the concert, we have been listening to it to relive the experience. It was a great first concert for my 6 yr old. I will definitly be coming again when you are in the area as well as listening on line.

  • Ruthann, Lakewood, CA

    I went to your show last night and the concept is fantastic. I am one of those willing to pay the extra $ to see a show with such a fun line up. I gave extra $ and also signed up for the Compassion Project you have for Long Beach and Kenya. Thanks guys for being such an inspiration. Great show as always! I am now one of your new Twitter fans!

  • Aaron

    The reason why I would watch it online is that live performances are usually WAY too loud.

  • Denise

    I’d have to agree that after seeing the live show in Portland, the online concert can’t even compare. Being with my family in a crowd of 10,000 worshipping together is fabulous. We can’t wait until next year.

  • Sherrie Yunker

    I love reading about Jesus but I can’t wait to be there with Him in person. Being with other believers gets me closer to Him. I am so there. God’s continued blessing to you and your families.

  • Alicia

    I would go see you live! There is nothing live like music! It is the same as with sports. They broadcast those on television all the time. If you could see your favorite team live for $10 or watch on the television which would you prefer? I am so thankful that you guys are streaming live each night because I do not live near any of the venue’s that you are appearing. May God continue to bless you guys and keep you safe!

  • kelly (race_12_1)

    You can likely guess my thought on this =) I have driven 800 miles to see the show, so of course if you came closer to me I would come to the show!!!

    To me, the online stream does not replace the live show, it is a different part of the ministry. It is another way the roadshow can reach an audience of people who need to be ministered to that can’t be at the show on a given night. Each night we spend a considerable amount of time in prayer not only for the ministry, but for each other. The stream does more then just deliver music, it delivers ministry, and isn’t that what the roadshow is? The Lord’s ministry.

    That in mind–is the Lord’s purpose being accomplished? That is the question that must be answered about the online stream, not whether it affects who comes to the live shows. On that note, both this year and last, we have had someone make a profession of faith to accept Christ in the chat room during a broadcast. I would say that is the Lord’s purpose, to ensure none perish, not even one.

  • Jessica

    Having the show online is awesome, especially since you haven’t come to my city, but if you were to come here I absolutely would go see the Show. There’s a total difference in seeing shows live and seeing it streaming online. You miss the energy that you get when you see it live.

  • Krista

    Just wanted to let you know that the Long Beach show was the first BIG thing I’ve done since my bone marrow transplant a year ago when I had complete organ failure and was in a coma from complications following it. Couldn’t walk or talk or eat for a couple months, but the Lord had other plans for me. Worship music like yours is what helped me so much through the long hours of suffering and my darkest hours. I drove from Santa Barbara to see this show because of how much I knew it would mean to me and did it on faith that I could “take” it physically. I’m so glad I came and was so encouraged and it re-invigorated me in my walk and ministry to others! I will most definitely want to see you IN PERSON, but having an online show is fun to re-live with those who couldn’t come with me. 🙂 Many blessings to you and your families!

  • julie

    I don’t think you would lose any fans to a live show (yours is my favorite) but you may instead grow your following by allowing those of us not close to a venue to experience a show. We have friends who are missionaries in Mexico and haven’t been able to worship in English in 2 years. Watching a concert online gives them a taste of that. I think the online venue is a great way to share your music, and you may gain some new fans along the way! Keep up the great work. Love your music.

  • Ron

    Heres the deal….I love seeing bands live…there is such an electric atmosphere being around a crowd and a band that feeds off it ….
    But, in regards to seeing a show live with a multiple group thing vs. seeing a show with a main act and opening group….are two entirely different things to me….
    I would pay for the later…and after attending the Winter Jam tour with multiple acts…I tend to think I’d prefer seeing it online….each performer only does like 5-6 tops….so you leave somewhat wanting more of the act you actually paid to see among others….
    Especially on a one night basis…its just too much crammed into one show…maybe if it were a weekend festival…a Christian Woodstock type show….where the bands didn’t have to rush through a VERY brief set then I might consider it….
    But for now I will only pay for a one to two act night….
    I’m just being honest….

  • Ken Row

    Our family watched the Indianapolis showing from home — with sound going through the home stereo and video going to the big screen, it was about as good as it could get without being there.

    Here are the bonuses we enjoyed from watching it at home:
    – the whole family (all 9 of us) saw the concert, not just the parents or just the older kids
    – neighborhood kids dropped by for parts of it (some leaned in through the family room window)
    – my son played guitar along with the bands
    – the kids went to bed immediately after the concert w/o having to walk to the car, endure traffic, etc.
    – we were able to mute Family Force 5
    – we were able to get things done around the house (homework, chores, etc.) while we watched and/or listened to the concert.
    – the little kids didn’t have to have a parent take them to the bathroom

  • Lil Lee

    Terry & Lil took Gina (our daughter) for her birthday to 4/10/10 to live performance in Scottsdale! It was the best birthday present ever! We did the meet and greet with MercyMe and have an awsome picture and signed t-shirts! Very cool experience. I am glad people that cannot come to the shows live have the opportunity to share in the music online! Thanks for that and much love to all of my brothers and sisters! Love, Lil

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