Fresno, CA

Fresno, we’ve been waiting a year for this night and you guys did not disappoint.  This was easily the loudest crowd of the tour.  Over 10,000 of you showed up and you showed up to rock and worship.  Amazing night.  We can’t thank you enough.  Sacramento, you’re next.

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  • Bob

    I enjoyed the show in Fresno, nice job on the ministry guys.

  • Lori Scott

    Last year we saw you guys in Fresno, waited in line all day and it was SO VERY VERY VERY worth it! This year, we had to go to Bakersfield because of our missions trip that we were cooking for and we were surprised at the difference in the crowd. Can’t wait to go back to Fresno next year! Even the sound check in Fresno was amazing yesterday! THANK YOU AGAIN Mercy Me….you made some incredible amazing memories for my very precious family!!!!!

  • Kelly Coleman

    What an amazing night, God was present and holding each of us. Thank you Bart for everything. Everyone was great and Bart your voice held up. I have to say, Family Force 5 rocked it. I loved them. Good job everyone and thank you for making the concert affordable.

  • Randy Furco

    Please start bringing these concerts and bands like yours to Syracuse, NY. Jeremy Camp played here last week and it was so good to see a Christian Artist play here and see young kids and adults enjoying music together. There is a hunger for it up here. Please add Syracuse,NY to your next Tour……..

  • Reagan Dolendo

    I was in Fresno last year. We drove all the way from San
    Francisco to see you guys. It was so worth it. Great awesome concert. This year, we are going to Sacramento tonight!!! I invited my church’s young people to experience it. i know they will be blessed. God bless you guys.

  • Stephanie

    This was the first year I have been to the Rock of Worship and it was amazing. Every band was awesome on stage and the energy that Fresno brought was amazing. Our Lords name was lifted HIGH last night and I could feel Him with me. Great show I CAN NOT wait to go next year. God Bless you guys and I pray for a safe and inspirational tour.

  • Demetrius Gonzalez

    Hey, you guys rocked Fresno, you guys are awesome. Cant wait to see you guys again next year!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    Last years show was so good and I didn’t think it could get better, but you guys did it! It was awesome and well worth it to wait in line at 10 in the morning to get great floor seats!!!! I cannot wait for next years show!!!!

  • Daniel Richards

    Well what can i say…that was my first time going to a Rock and Worship roadshow and that was a night to remember! you guys are awesome. Cant wait to see you guys again next year and just because of you guys im gunna go again and again and again for the rest of my life, you guys are truely amazing! God Bless!

  • Sam

    I loved the show!! It was awesome! However, I did not enjoy Family Force 5. I could not understand a word they sang because the music was so loud and all the lead singer did was scream instead of sing. Since I could not understand their words it did not sound edifying and made me feel like I was at some non-Christian heavy metal concert. The rest of the show was amazing and I can’t wait for next year!

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