Spokane, WA

Spokane showed up tonight!  The largest crowd of the tour so far with over 8,200 people in the building and over 26,000 watching online.  And they could sing!  Thanks for coming out Spokane.  You guys were amazing.  Now for a couple much needed days off.  Bakersfield, we’re coming for you.

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  • kelly (race_12_1)

    One of those watching online was watching in her car on a Droid! Though I normally watch at home while also chatting, tonight I watched in the car while my husband drove us home the 120 miles from Salt Lake. I sent an occasional twitter to those in the room to let them know I was alive, and yes the stream looks great on a Droid Brody! Get lots of rest the next two days everyone!!! See you online on Wednesday.

  • Kevin Merwin

    Amazing show tonight. It was great to have so many people worshiping our Lord and Savior. I was watching the stream while sitting at the concert. I have seen you guys many times in different states and even on a cruise. I love how you always give the glory to God.
    I can’t wait to see you again. By the way love the new drums. I have a request in to Risen Drums. I would love to get my drums from a company serving God.

  • Kevin Merwin

    Oh ya I was at the concert but was streaming to my iPhone.

  • Kirsti

    This concert Changed my life! I now see why God has done what he did!! He loves every one of the human beings walking on this earth! He thinks that we are all beautiful, every creation that He has made was his plan, for long before we came!! The ground that I walk on has changed and I see God in a new view, I have started a new life!! A life where I follow God with my whole heart, and not one drop less!! Thank you soo much, it was truly amazing!

  • Aaron

    Wonderful concert tonight! I’m glad Bart’s voice held up as well as it did. I hope you feel better soon. After tonight’s concert, I felt you guys really have an awesome idea of what God’s grace is. Wish I could have taken you all out to dinner or something just to show you guys how much I appreciate what you are doing 🙂

    Keep doing God’s work and keep telling people about His grace and Mercy. Those are two of my favorite things about God.

  • alex

    Wow that was my first concert. i had a BLAST! a great view of the whole thing! everyone did fantastic! i was touched! it totally turned my life around. if it is coming to your area, GO TO IT!!! way worth the 10 $

  • Andrea

    You guys were awesome tonight at spokane! I love bands like you who make it about God..and give him all the glory…and I couldn’t tell that bart was sick at all while he sang. I hope you guys come back again soon to Spokompton! Yeahh!

  • Angie

    We’re waiting for you in Bakersfield! Really looking forward to Wed night!!

  • Kristi

    I appreciated the worship. I also appreciated the lyrics on the screen. It gave me the ability to worship to songs that weren’t as familiar to me. Thank you for sharing and allowing God to shine through you. We were praying for you, and will continue to pray for you.

  • Grace

    I was at the concert last night and you guys rocked it! I loved seeing everyone sing along and when you guys sang I can only imagine all of my friends and i started to cry, because we lost a friend this year to a football accident and during chapel at our school they plaid that song in honor of him… you helped all of us remember him and honor him in a way that he would be proud of … thank you for coming to Spokane and for everything that you guys have done to be an inspiration in all that you do for God and for others … please come back soon.

    Rest In Peace Drew Swank. “Our Hero”
    you will never be forgotten

  • Tina

    Thank you very much I had a wonderful experience and absolutely enjoyed the show. This was my first time ever at a christian concert of any kind and it was uplifting thank you again.

  • Sharon Rohrenbach

    Thank you sooo much for coming back to Spokane! We wish you would come more often! My husband and I have been to all your concerts here and this time we were able to bring our 8yr old son and 6 yr old daughter for their second time seeing you! We had a wonderful time praising God with you! Thanks again, Sharon

  • Ron E. Trees

    My family and I attended the Rock & Roll Roadshow in Spokane last Sunday night. It was our first but won’t be our last!! Thanks for including Spokane and we look forward to next year. It was indeed a great evening of Rock and more importantly, worship. Bart, you never fail to lead us to the throne of God!!
    I was able to take pics down front also at the concert. I have only worked on a couple so far, but there will be more. They can be found here, http://ront.smugmug.com/Concerts/The-Rock

    God bless you all!!


  • physical therapy spokane

    That was a great concert in Spokane

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