A Visit To Spirit 105.3

Yesterday we had the privilege of visiting the lovely people at  Spirit 105.3 in Seattle before the show in Tacoma.  Here’s a couple clips from that visit.

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  • Margo Russell Bambacigno

    I’m so excited to see the show tomm. I wish I would of known sooner that you where in Tacoma, I surely would of had my son go to see you. Hopefully you will do this tour next year so I can make that happen. Here’s to tomm in Spokane..you bless so many people, Thank You

  • Barbara Hiaring

    What fun the guys of MM must have had at the 105.3 station in Seattle. My goodness they can sing in a corner and sound awesome.
    The Road show in Billings was just plain ELECTRYFING…dynamite nite. We are hoping with the help of the Lord to get them back for the 3rd year in a row.
    Just such a blessing that this RoadShow lets “”everyone” see great talent and praise our good Lord. Their messages have been so super too.
    Have a great show in Spokanne…I will follow you FOREVER…love clicking on livestream throughout the evening of your shows and having the joys and remembrances of the Billings tour all refreshed.
    Blessings from Big Sky Counntry

  • Suzy

    So excited you were here in Tacoma, I was going to be there but a migraine stopped me dead in my tracks. I watch on livestream every show, I can NOT get enough of you guys. MERCY ME YOU ROCK! Praise the Lord for the gifts he has given you all. I will be listening to the rest of the tour as long as you are livestreaming it.
    PRAISE JESUS!! and Bart.. Always a great word from you each show.
    God Bless you Brothers!

  • Sheryl

    Here’s to hoping that the last song you sang was another one that will be on the new one. Whether you guys are backed up with lights, camera, action or just simply playing acoustic, it sounds great…God Bless 🙂

  • Rebecca True

    niiiice! Man, you guys have the BEST JOB EVER. You just go around and sing, and sing, and sing!

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