Council Bluffs, IA

Great night in Council Bluffs last night. You people were loud! Thanks for coming out. Don’t forget to send your pictures to fanphotos[at] and check them out here.

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  • Sarah Garcia

    We were at the show in Council Bluffs we took our 8 and 10 year old boys. You guys were amazing the way you spread the word of God through your music is amazing. You touched my kids in such a positive way. We also brought our nephews and there mom who is struggling with her faith and struggling with teaching her kids about God. Her and her children left the show moved in such a positive way. Thank you so much. This year has been a tough year for our families. In July of 09′ my mother was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and as she was recovering from surgery to remove her cancer. We found out my husbands mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer that had spread to her liver. She was not given the best prognoses. SHe was baptized in August a few weeks after diagnoses. They gave her a few months it is now March and she is doing so good. Cancer is shrinking she is traveling and living. We know this would not have been possible with out God. This year has showed us many ups and downs and alot of uncertainty. The one thing it has showed us is as long as we put all our worries and fears in Gods hands he will take care of them. It also has showed us how amazing the power of prayer is. Also my 10 year was also baptized in August and as a mother that was one of the best moments in my life. At that moment I knew I did something right. My son was excepting God in his life. Thank you so much. My family left your show all with tears in there eyes they were so moved and it touched all of us in a way that I can’t explain. Thanks and God bless you all….

  • Eric

    Is there any way to get a transcript or video of Mercy Me’s message/prayer in the middle of their show last night? Awesome

  • Jen Angus (Jesus Freak)

    The Show was so amazing!! My roommate and I came down from college and we were truely blessed. During your song Imagine God really broke me down and made me realize so many things! Thanks so much for what you do! You are such a blessing to many!! God Bless!!!

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