Pre-Order ‘The Generous Mr. Lovewell’

Welcome to Monday.  If you haven’t already seen, “The Generous Mr. Lovewell is officially available to pre-order with four different packages.

For a description of the different packages and pricing, visit  Remember, there are only 200 of the largest package available so if that’s something you want, get it fast.

Now… On to ordering!

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  • Chris Cook

    Will Mercyme ship the Wristband, Totebag along with the CD May 4th or sometime before? Aso if you don’t get package #3 or #4 will the t-shirt be in stores later on?

  • Tammy

    Just ordered mine and I thought that I would have issues unzipping but it all went smooth!! The whole ordering thing was very easy!
    Looking forward to the whole CD! Thanks for the extra goodies!!!!
    Chris: there is a thank you letter that came with the zip file that explains it….

  • Sally

    Thank you Mercy Me! I just pre-ordered the CD and can’t wait to hear the rest of it on 5/4! 5/4 is my birthday so what an awesome gift! I appreciate you thinking of me! LOL!

  • Bryan

    Package 3 and 4 are now not available? I ordered mine when they first went on sale. Is there a reason why these are not available?

  • brenna

    i went to the springfield illinois concert and saw them play. and i saw the love well mercy me t shirt. are you still selling those? am i still able to buy them?

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