NASHVILLE, TN…2/10/10…Multi-platinum and award-winning band MercyMe is encouraging “All Of Creation” to “love well” with their upcoming studio album “The Generous Mr. Lovewell” (INO Records), scheduled to arrive May 4th nationwide.

“The album, “The Generous Mr. Lovewell,” revolves around a fictional character we created who reminds us that we simply need to love others well,” explains MercyMe frontman Bart Millard. “For some of us, it means that we need to put hands and feet on our ideology and rhetoric. For others, it means that we need to continue in doing well, but to not stop there. We need to let people know why we are called to make a difference. Our prayer is that this album would mobilize the body of Christ to encourage people in word and deed.”

MercyMe recently had the opportunity to share this concept as they personally premiered their first single, “All of Creation” to radio stations across the U.S. The band split up into three teams of two, making stops at major market stations such as K-LOVE, Z88 in Orlando, The Fish Los Angeles, KCMS in Seattle, WCSG in Grand Rapids and dozens more.

Produced by Brown Bannister and Dan Muckala, the project features 11 tracks, and with each member sending regular tweets throughout the recording, photo shoots and more, fans have been able to stay connected to the process. The band plans to continue this process, and has already posted YouTube videos talking about the idea behind Mr. Lovewell and the new single:

Millard Describes the idea behind “The Generous Mr. Lovewell”-

Millard Introduces “All Of Creation”-

“We as a band are all very excited about “The Generous Mr. Lovewell,” continues Millard. “And hopefully it will create a movement of encouraging people to make a difference in the world whether it’s helping your neighbor or just loving each other.”

Also this spring, fans can catch MercyMe on the Rock And Worship Roadshow as they travel across the country alongside fellow acts David Crowder*Band, Family Force 5, Francesca Battistelli, Fee, Remedy Drive and Sidewalk Prophets. To see if the tour is coming to a city nearby please visit:

For more information on MercyMe and “The Generous Mr. Lovewell,” please go to or, or via Twitter @MrLovewell.

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  • miranda j

    Great song! Thanks for a wonderful concert in Houston tonight
    You never disappoint and you always touch our hearts.

  • Melanie

    seen you on The k-love cruise. Great concert!!

  • Wes Little

    All of Creation, I’m fell in love with this song already. Can’t wait to buy this album in May. Thanks guys.

  • Kathy Moore

    I love this song! I’ll be so happy when CD comes out and I can download to my Ipod!!

  • melissa

    Love love All of Creation! Got it on my ipod but where can I find all the lyrics?

  • Tonyah

    Sincere, heart warming, but totally uplifting song. I absolutley love it. Thanks guys for sharing your beautiful talent.

  • Keith

    Love this song! Between All of Creation and God With Us, I don’t need any other music to get me through a 1 hour workout!!

  • Vince

    What a awesome song. It touches my heart every time I hear it. Thanks for blessing us with your music. May GOD continue to bless all of you.

  • Mark

    I listened to this song. I really do hope that you list this with ccli so that churches across the nation can be a part of all creation. I work with the music director in our church and this song is perfect for our church. It really expresses what our relationship is with Christ. It continues to bring me to tears every time I hear it because it reminds me of how much God loves us and how we can cry out to Him with all of creation. We are privileged. I thank you for being willing to allow God to work through you guys. It ministers to many.

  • Dave Cochran

    Love Well, Play Well. What a great job you all have done again with the work on this album!!!! There is a blessing for every one who hears your music. All of Creation will be played for the Body of Christ around the world! I can see it every time I listen to the song!

  • Renie Fouts

    “All of Creation” speaks to me. In a word (from the song…) “CAPTIVATED” I too can’t wait to get the album, I’ve already asked our choir director if we could do that song – words of powerful and the melody will be easy for our congregation to learn and sing. You’ve had me at “I Can Only Imagine” and you’ve blessed me with your powerful messages – even heard you on a light rock station, you’re doing it guys, tell “All of Creation” the veil is torn!! THANK YOU! 🙂

  • Cathy G

    Love all your songs amazing voices God Blessed you All with… Thank you for sharing such amazing Talent….God loves you all and I do to)

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