The Generous Mr. Lovewell Cover…Part 2

Here it is folks. The official cover for the new record The Generous Mr. Lovewell!

We’d love to know what you think. Remember to look for more videos at, and also, we’ve got a very special surprise for you right here on this blog Friday.  So be looking for that… Ladies and gentlemen… We give you.. The Generous Mr. Lovewell.

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  • Mom S

    Love the concept and Ron really enjoyed himself – Thanks guys

  • Collin

    Very exciting! Can’t wait!

  • Mary

    I LOVE it! Great job guys!

  • Dan Gross

    Wow, nice! A lot better than those, er, counterfeit covers that were “leaked.” 🙂 Seriously, great cover, love the first single, looking forward to it! May God continue to bless your ministry!

  • Caleb

    Reminds me of the song “My heart will fly”.

  • Evan

    Awesome cover. I like the design on the balloon. 🙂

  • Pokinatcha

    Very nice! I love it!!

  • John Anthony

    That’s awesome! Strong work Brody, strong work!

  • Jack

    Very funny video clip. I love the friendly competition that exists between MercyMe and Casting Crowns. Certainly my two favorite groups hands down!

  • Jessie/ Ohio

    To think, a connection to you! WOW! WOW! WOW! God is awesome. Looks great, and look forward to getting the tunes. I am one of your BIGGEST FANS!! I love worshipping with you fellows.Blessings to you and your families!!!!!! Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Lisa Mongold (SunnySide)

    Seriously? Your site just yelled at me because my comment,”Very nice!” was too short. Well, there you go…I added words.

  • kelly (race_12_1)

    It says to me–“Let your love rise like a balloon, beyond yourself”. Simple yet not.

  • Leslie (Jersey Girl)

    What a great cover! Now, I can’t wait for the music to go with it!!

  • Debbie

    I LOVE it great job !!

  • Andy Nicholls

    It makes you want to let go of the balloon, and give your heart to Jesus all over again 🙂

  • kristina

    I love it, guys!
    I can’t wait to see what you all have up your sleeve on Friday!
    God bless you all! 😀

  • Tina

    I really love the cover!!! Cannot wait until May…but i guess I have to!!

  • Kathy

    Fantastic! Simple yet full of promise and hope! Can’t wait until it comes out. So exited about the whole concept.

  • Chela

    Very excited to watch this all come together! Can’t wait for that great music….Thanks, guys!

  • eadin

    I love it guys!! Can’t wait!!

  • Cindy Shrader

    That’s awesome guys!!! Can’t wait to own it and play it constantly. 🙂

  • Adam

    Very nice guys! I am looking forward to hearing it. Peace, and God bless.

  • Sheryl

    It never ceases to amaze me at how much fun you guys have. Congrats on the new cover and also on the new anticipated music to go along with it. I am waiting with bated breath (as I have for all the others). Thanks for making your fans feel so much a part of the process!

  • Judy

    Love it!! And love Mercy Me. My favorite group.

  • Brian

    I cannot wait to see the rest of the photos from the shoot!

    The bald Air Force guy who swung around his set spouse 15 times

  • Carol D

    Brilliant! I love that new cover and the album name. Looking forward to the release date! Wondering if that is an image of one of you guys?

  • Hayley S.

    I heard the song All of Creation this week when Mercy Me was visiting the radio station 106.9 and it’s so AWESOME. The new CD cover for The Generous Mr. Lovewell is totally creative. I’m so looking forward to this CD, and I love that it’s all for God!! Thank you for all you do and keep on keepin on!! 🙂

  • Beth Popovics

    Finally. Ive been waiting for this. Great cover guys. Can’t wait to hear it!!

  • Melissa Poole

    I am so stinkin excited about the new CD can’t wait…well I guess I have too! :-} Love you guys!
    The Generous Mr. Lovewell!!!!! woohoowoohoo!

  • craig

    Love the design.. Very unique which is hard to come by these days!

  • Misty

    I love the name. Told my daughter I want my camp name to be Ms. Lovewell!!! I am so excited for the new cd and I love the single, already know all the words. Great job guys. Be blessed and be a blessing!

  • Sneha Robert Roy

    Wow… what a great idea for a cover and album title… Love it, Mr.Lovewell!!

  • Sneha Robert Roy

    Loved the ‘All of creation’ song… I turn up the radio everytime the song plays…

  • Eric Hodel

    I love the art concepts you have put into the making of this album. The cover and what I have seen of the videos are great. I must say I know Mr. Lovewell’s secret identity, it’s my bro in law! You picked a good one for that role.
    Keep up the good work.

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