NASHVILLE, TN….12/17/09….With their year-end and decade charts out this week, BILLBOARD has named MERCYME’s “Word Of God Speak” the #1 Song of The Decade and the group the #1 Christian Songs Artist of the Decade. MercyMe earns an additional #1 in the Christian AC Song Artist of The Decade category.

“MercyMe’s career has always been about writing songs that we believe will share the love of Christ and make him known,” commented lead vocalist Bart Millard. ”We continue to be blown away by the support radio and fans give us, and strive to continue to write music that can move your heart toward God. Here’s to the next decade!”

MercyMe has garnered an astonishing 22 #1songs in their career, six of which are reflected on the Billboard radio charts for this decade, continuing to show the impact their songs have on listeners across the country:

#1 Christian songs artist of the DECADE
#1 Christian AC song artist of the DECADE
#1 Christian song of the DECADE with “Word of God speak” as well as:
#16 “Here With Me”
#19 “God With Us”
#35 “You Reign”
#48 “In the Blink of an Eye”
#49 “Bring the Rain”

In addition to their radio singles, MercyMe’s debut album, “Almost There” captured the 4th Christian Album of the Decade slot, as well as placing MercyMe as the #4 Christian Album artist of the Decade. Also, their 2004 release,“Undone” took #38 on the Christian Album of the Decade chart, with “Spoken For”(2002) not far behind at #46.

MercyMe is currently in the studio with producers Brown Bannister and Dan Muckala recording their sixth studio project, scheduled to release May 4th, 2010.

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  • Roger

    Congrats on the honors. I think it is very deserving. I only wonder why “I Can Only Imagine” is missing on the song list. If someone asked me for Song of the Decade, this would have been one of the first songs to come to my mind. The others are great songs that I listen to often, but they have not had the same impact for me that “I Can Only Imagine” had.

    Congrats again on your win.

  • Shellie (baylormum)

    Can I get a huge WOO HOO? Hope to see you in the Spring. (a really, really nice Christmas present would be DATES & cities for RAWRS).


  • Shellie (baylormum)

    Oh, never mind my last comment. Thought I was on the Casting Crowns website. 😀

    Hahahahaha! J/K, guys. Have a blessed Christmas.

  • Christy Sharp

    That is awesome news. You all deserve it. All of your songs speak to me. I have So Long Self as my ringtone on my cell as a daily reminder to get out of Gods way. You are a blessing to me and my family. We listened to I Can only imagine this morning. The other thing that blesses me is to see how much you all love your wives and families. I am going thru cancer for the 2nd time. My husband, 2 sons and 4 legged son are amazing. They have been such a blessing in taking care of me and encouraging me, so family means a lot. Keep on being Jesus to the world. I know that you are making a difference.

  • Dan Gross

    Congrats guys! Thanks for the great music, looking forward to the next one, and may God continue to bless your music ministry!

  • Billy Cravens


    I thought the same thing… probably they don’t consider it a purely “Christian” song because it was so successful on the secular charts.

  • Mom S

    I’m thinking chart wise I Can Only Imagine is 11 years old is the reason

  • agrl4god80

    You guys deserve it. Still trying to figure out why you haven’t DOVE and Grammy awards yet. sheesh! You have my vote!
    btw, I have/had all your albums…and I say had, cause I went to Los Angeles a few weeks ago and all my cd’s were in the trunk and when I came out of the store, they were gone. Can’t figure it out unless a professional did a good job breaking in. But at any case, I’ve gotten over being upset and have come to terms with my loss….so, I guess, I’ll be re-buying every single one of your cd’s again (except the Christmas album, cause that was at home). *sigh, sigh*

  • Sandi ~ MMslob

    btw, I’m the same as agrl4god80….I forgot that I don’t use that screen name here…haha, I was used to having my info already saved on this site. anyways….enough useless talking, lol

  • Sandi ~ MMslob prior post disappeared. a shortened version, was that you guys deserve it and should have some DOVE and Grammy awards…maybe this year.

  • Sheryl

    For once, I knew something before a lot of the world knew it and that is MM is definitely deserving of this honor. The only thing that makes it any better is that they just do what they do for the Lord and we all benefit from it…talk about a big payday! I thank God for blessing me with MM and all that he has done through them and will continue to do to his Glory! Congrats, guys!

  • Julie

    Congratulations MM. Thank you for the music and the ministry.

  • thehoneyfamily

    We are not surprised. From the moment I heard the first few notes on one of there songs I was hooked. Do yourself a favor and listen to Joseph’s Lullaby on MM The Christmas Sessions- what incredible talent! Congratulations from thehoneyfamily!

  • Toby

    Can I just say, I’m not surprised!! :-). Congrats!

  • Terry~apostlethatroks

    May the next decade bring you even more love and laughter!

  • Pokinatcha

    Awesome news & congratulations! BTW, looking forward to your next CD & the scheduled release date is perfect! My birthday, thanks!!!

  • lezlie ann

    Great news, Hats off to you…You deserve it although I will say Imagine always makes me cry… This song always makes me stop and just pause and Give God Total Praise when I hear that song..
    Word of God Speak is very powerful too. Perhaps I should play it much more often as I need answers from him now.

  • Tammy

    Congrats!! Numbers don’t lie on billboard! How hard it is to choose a favorite MM song….. Thank you for your music. When needed your music lifts me up, reminds me, shakes me, makes me smile, makes me cry but most of all it reminds me of what I am here for and that He is always with me! THANK YOU and congratulations!

  • Cherry Dyer

    Congratulations!! All your honors are greatly deserved. God is
    blessing your ministry, and in turn blessing us with your wonderful music! You are by far my favorite group. Your music touches my heart, and makes me feel closer to God. Looking forward to seeing you when you come to Houston, TX in February. Also, looking forward to your new music in May!

    God bless!

  • kelly (race_12_1)

    Of Course!! How could a band with the dedication to do what the Lord has asked of them while also including their fans every step of the way not be so named? Keep on doing what God has asked of you, and He will continue to shine through you.

  • Tina

    Congrats guys!!!!!!!! We know you do it to glorify HIS name but its great to see you receive the recognition you so well deserve. May the next decade bring you many more blessings and love.

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