Johnson City, TN – The Last Night

Well, tonight’s the last night of the tour and nothing is more fitting than to have backup dancers on the last show. The Tenth Avenue North guys, Jonny Diaz and Fee have been all been great to travel with. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show, we had a blast.

Now it’s time for some much needed family time, finishing a record and gearing up for The Roadshow 2010. We’ll see you next time.

Stay tuned for some updates on the record.

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  • Lisa Mongold (SunnySide)

    That was awesome! Love the choreography. Well done, guys!

  • Connie Kramer

    Thank you the blessings from your music. I was able to see a live stream concert 2 nights in a row as a friend on fb alerted me to it the first night. Cannot tell you how much it touched me that night.
    I went online directly and bought some of your music and will continue to as I can afford. It was awesome too that you offered your cds at a discount to concert goers.
    My home is in east Tennessee an hour from J. City and I would have loved to be there but won’t be home for another two weeks.
    Anyhow thank you again for the blessings. Connie

  • Shellie (baylormum)

    I “count it pure joy” to be watching Bart’s tweets for just such an occasion! I still like the box bots that came out at the RAWRS while Hawk was on stage, too. You guys made my day. Just wish you had been able to stream. Finish writin’ them thar songs, Bart. Your public awaits, Mr Mayor. Mr Goodwell is Generous!!!!

  • MMsbiggestfans

    You guys are awesome 🙂 God Bless you all and your families. I pray you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving and very Merry CHRISTmas!!

  • Mercy_Me_Fan

    Great video!!! I am so glad you guys had fun touring!!! Hope you come to Texas for the Rock and Worship Roadshow!!!

  • Mercy_Me_Rocks

    Hey Mercy Me!! That video was so cool!!! I got to have the experience to be with you in Mercedes, TX. It was such an amazing night!!! I hope you will come back for the Rock and Worship Roadshow in 2010!!! I will definitely go to it!!!

  • Jen Angus (Jesus Freak)

    LOVE IT!!!! Soo funny!! Gonna miss seing you guys!! Love MercyMe, Tenth Avenue North, and Jonny Diaz!!! Your all soo AWESOME!!!!

  • TJ Conwell (PastorTJ)

    Absolutely priceless … thanks guys for an amazing tour both online and of course this year in Montgomery. Bless ya’ll as you travel and PLEASE take some time to enjoy your respective families — for that is our first and most important ministry!! God bless you.

  • Brooke

    Well tonight was my third time seeing MM and it gets better everytime! Thanks so much for making east Tennessee a part of your tour. Enjoy the holidays with your families and thank you for your continued sacrifice to encourage and lift others up. All for Christ!

  • Ladyxan

    Indeed.. thank you all for the great concerts, both online and most definitely in-person! You are a great blessing on my heart and soul. Keep up the great work and I cannot wait to see you again and for the new album!

  • Howie

    That was AMAZING!!! Great way to end a show. Hope to see you guys on the West Coast when The Roadshow gets started.

  • Christina

    That was great!! TAN sure rocked it with you guys.

    can’t wait for more live streaming on the next tour!!!

    love you guys!

  • Sheryl

    wasn’t able to make a concert on this tour, but cannot wait until you guys have some much needed rest and family time to go to The Roadshow in the new year!

  • Bob Ashburn

    Hey, I just got back home from the Johnson City concert and it was awesome! It was the first time I had seen Mercy Me, I went with my 15 year old son for some bonding time. What a great message they delivered, and the a capella hymns with the audience really got to me. Thanks Mercy Me!


    Was a blessing to be there – volunteering for Compassion and to worship with you all! God Bless your rest! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • kelly (race_12_1)

    Great dancing..I am sure Bart appreciated not having to dance alone =)) Thank you once again for including all of us out here on the internet on your tour, especially since some of us live in the middle of no where. The fellowship we all enjoy when we get together is amazing. Thank you once again for saying Yes to God when He said “do this for me”. Enjoy your holidays–see you at the Roadshow.

  • Paisley

    That was awesome! Its so great to see you guys having so much fun. Great dancing guys! Enjoy your time at home with family and have a blessed Thanksgiving. The online concerts have been so much fun too as well as a good time to fellowship with all my friends.

  • MomS

    You need to think hard about a MM etc workout video

  • Jodie (Rexette98)

    Thanks guys for everything you do! This is hilarious, you guys ROCK! Thank you for broadcasting the shows. I didn’t get to watch many times this fall but when I did I loved the show (every time) and the fellowship that is the Blognation Church. It is great to see the church BE the CHURCH across state (and country) lines!

  • Chelle

    Wish I could’ve been there, hilarious!! Hope you have a wonderful break – Happy Thanksgiving – AND an early Merry Christmas blessings are sent your way!! I hope to see you again in KANSAS this year, well 2010 that is. Awesome doesn’t describe the feeling of being at one of your concerts – GOD is in the house!!

    Keep on Dancin’

  • Candi

    I cannot thank you enough for streaming your shows. The fellowship with the other MM fans and the message you give at each of your shows has brought me closer to Christ. I needed to be reminded that HIS Glory will shine through, especially during the rough times.

    TAN and Jonny Diaz-awesome end to the tour! Thanks for posting so we could all see it!

  • KJ

    It was a great tour! I’m so blessed to have caught you guys live several nights online. And it was amazing to see the body of Christ worship together (even in a little chatroom).

    Have a wonderful holiday season everyone!

  • Lori (aka Chevellegirl)

    I will never be able to listen to Alright again without an even bigger grin on my face!!!! Thanks so much….I think 🙂

  • Minnesandy

    have been wanting to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for playing JOYFUL NOISE FAMILY FEST June 13, 2009…in MINNESOTA…beyond wonderful…

  • Selene Ford

    HAHA 😛 That is toooo funny! The tour was awesome guys! Thank you so much for all you do & for submitting to God’s will!

    Be blessed!

  • Rachael

    Just want to let you know that I linked your album, “Undone” on my blog tonight.

  • megan

    i was there that night and u all were so amazing! thank u for everything u do 🙂

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