A MercyMe Proposal

Tonight was a special night for these two in Dayton, OH. Congratulations to them.

Tomorrow night is the last night of the tour. Hopefully the stream will be up and going for the final show. Check back tomorrow for updates.

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  • Michael Levitt

    Pretty awesome. Another great show guys.


  • Pokinatcha

    That was so cool! Congratulations to the both of them!!!!

  • Tamsen DiBlasio

    How E*X*C*I*T*I*N*G!!! Many blessings on your upcoming marriage!

  • Myne Whitman

    That was so cool, congrats to them. Great show too.

  • Stacey

    I was at the show last night with my friend and we were sitting in the back row. We got a good view of the proposal which was really cool. Cogratulations to them.

  • Marsha B

    We were there last night, also. Loved Mercy Me and will keep watching for Jonny Diaz. He was a special surprize blessing to open the concert!

  • Paisley

    I was watching last night when he proposed, that was so awesome, What a great memory they will always have.

  • Matt Smith

    I was at the show last night! First time I saw you guys! It was awesome! My wife and I were only a couple rows behind the couple who got engaged. I think you can actually see my arms flying up in excitement for them! Ha ha ha. God Bless! Again, you guys did great!

  • Ladyxan

    How cool! Best wishes and many years of great blessings upon the newly engaged couple! =D

  • Becky Scheidt

    We were also at the concert last night. I won tickets and a meet and greet from Star 93.3 and even after working 12 hours today on 4 hours sleep I am still soaring with all the blessed feelings from this AWESOME concert. Thanks guys for sharing your gift with us.


    Thanks for the AWESOME concert including Johnny Diaz and 10th Avenue North! Keep speading “THE MESSAGE” and may GOD continue to bless you all.

  • Cynthia L Morris

    I am the single parent of a handicapped 27 yr old daughter. She is the light of Jesus on earth. She can no longer stand or walk. no one knows why. I told Jesus that if He chose to give her the ability to walk again that I would throw the biggest Thank You Jesus party ever. I live in the near inner city and if it is His will, you need to come. But maybe she will finally make it home. Getting married is nice but I believe he can make the lame walk

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