Knoxville, TN





Another great night in Knoxville.  Can’t believe this tour is almost over.  Thanks for coming out tonight Knoxville, we had a great time.  We’ll see you again.

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  • Lisa Alexander

    Had a great worship time with you guys in Knoxville. Always look forward to see Mercy Me in Concert. Thank You for coming to our area.

  • Cyndee

    I was one of the ones struggling last night…even knowing all I know. Heard some devastating news just before coming, cried and cried, but heard words of the Lord ringing in my ears, reminding me of all he has and will bring me through. I knew I had to be there last night so I fought through it believing God had something special for me. Cried alot during concert too. Then Behold – God spoke through you some of the very same exact things, and then you sang my favorite, one I love to sing for others “Bring the Rain” when given opportunity, God has never failed and will never fail, I must keep my eyes on Him while it’s pouring outside, otherwise I will drown. So bring the rain Lord, I’ll find my shelter in you! Thank you for a most uplifting time in worship too!

  • Gayle Crabtree

    Your music is always great but last night’s show went beyond the mark. I love that you guys like “Where the Streets Have No Name”. It’s one song that every Christian should embed in our hearts (in addition to all of yours). Keep on keeping on!

    May God continue to bless you as you reach others for Him!

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you for coming to Knoxville. I got the tickets unexpectedly through a co-worker who could not attend.
    I am another person that feels that many trials have come on my husband and I. Many times since I have been “squeezed” if you would, I have complained instead of looking at the trial from the prospective of how can God get the glory from our situation. Last night changed my whole perspective. Thank you for being obedient to God.
    Bart, your voice is amazing and the band members are so talented!

  • Aaron "Steven Curtis Chapman" Killian

    What an awesome show! Bart, thanks for taking the pic of me and Tenth Avenue North’s Mike Donehey. What a night!!! Way to spread the Word! Loved every minute of it, guys!

  • Justin Hall

    Enjoyed you guys, as always… picked up your Christmas CD… love the Drummer Boy rendition…

    Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Jodanna

    Thank you so much for coming to our church for your concert!! You touched my heart tremendously, and Im sure countless others!! Thank you for following Gods call on your life bc you all have been such a blessing!! Love all of your cd’s!

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