Mercedes, TX





Amazing crowd last night in Mercedes. Thanks to everyone who showed up ready to worship. We can’t wait to come back!!

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  • Lisa

    Ok…I won’t lie. I’m a little jealous. I wish I could be part of the “best crowd ever.” More than that, I wish I could have been part of a crowd that worships like that (this side of heaven!) It is a rare occurrence. I’m glad you guys were so blessed by it!

  • Gregory Fish

    I was there. An amazing event it was!! Thanks.

  • julio feliciano

    Amazing concert! You guys were great.

  • Sandra Lee

    My FIRST LIVE Christian Concert ever and I loved it! It was a blessing! My all time favorite will always be ‘I can only Imagine!’ The weather was a little chilly for us Valley people but I enjoyed myself! Please come back again!!!! 😉

  • Tina Molina

    This was the most amazing concert ever, in fact, I didn’t see it as a concert it was more like a church service with Praise and Worship! I know God could hear the praises of His people. We didn’t even want to go home. You could feel GOD’s presence in THIS PLACE. I had told my sisters earlier that if it got late that we would probably leave early, yeah right we stayed till Mercy Me came back on stage to sing two more songs. Mercy Me was awesome. I am so thankful that KVMV helped bring Mercy Me down to the Rio Grande Valley. I LOVE MERCY ME!!!!!!!

  • Melissa Vela

    I had a blast at the concert. Thanks for coming to Mercedes, TX. Please come back again! Keep up the good work:)

  • Frances

    This was an amazing concert… I loved how such a big worship band can bring so many people together to worship our Lord and Savior… Even as the crowd just sang along while the band just lowered their playing and just listening to the thousands of peoples voices coming together it gives me the goosebumps just thinking about it… Like i said it was an amazing event… I am glad that i was a part of it

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