Live From Midland, TX


We will be broadcasting live tonight from Midland, Texas.  700 consecutive viewers is the goal tonight for a new Cover Tune Grab Bag so make sure to start spreading the word now.  See you tonight.

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  • Paula Colston Kelley

    Why are you coming so close, and yet, so far? I would’ve loved to see you and even possibly meet you!

  • Paula Colston Kelley

    I live in Houston Texas, by the way.

  • Irene

    Aww man! I’d totallly tune in but I’m going 2 c Mark Schultz 2nite. I’m sorry!

  • Ruth Carpenter

    Agh! This is killing me! I can’t get you live yet but I’ll work it out one day soon! Have a wonderful concert. MercyMe is fabulous!!!!

  • kelly (race_12_1)

    I will do my part!! I finally get to see a whole broadcast uninterrupted by moving of health problems!!! YEAH!!!!!!

  • Aaron

    Poo!!!! I missed it! Keep it up guys! I’ll make the next one.

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