Fort Walton Beach, FL





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  • Jahnette Giana

    Great show tonight!! Thank you so much. My mom’s birthday was today and I prayed that your performance would impact my father. We lost mom to brain cancer in January and Dad has been very depressed. I see how the Lord is using you and it is amazing!! Thank you!

  • Shellie (baylormum)

    Dear Brother Bart,

    How do I put this? Brother Brody is the glue that has been holding MM together for the past, like, 20 years. How dare you think his ideas are not in MM’s best interest! He has brought together, through this internet thing, a BlogNation of people. From ALL over the world. Maybe even outer space. I, for one, was not home this evening, and very much appreciate what Brody did for HIS fans. I caught up when I returned home.

    Really. All kidding aside. It has been a year since I saw you for at least the 50th time (well, maybe 3rd or 4th) in Amarillo & you commented on the streaming internet thing. My life has not been the same. The people I have met (cyber-met) has been an awesome addition to my life. I actually did meet 2 tweeps at the RAWRS in Dallas. Drove 6 hours to get there, but it was worth it in so many ways. What a great family of prayer warriors, friends, and confidants. What a great passion you instill in each of us. Keep it up.

    Thanks, and Love, Shellie


  • Deborah

    Amazing evening. Thanks so much for bringing your ministy to FWB. God Bless You.

  • David Butler

    Check out a few pics of tonight’s FWB concert on my FB…david butler

  • Lisa

    Who’s the guy in the pic with Joel? I know I’ve met him at one of your shows before.

  • Mary

    Thank you for an awesome show in Fort Walton Beach, FL. I had the privilege of serving/volunteering and was able to see God’s work at hand as preparations happened for the show. Thank you so much for what you do. Thank you for being God’s vessel to share His word and the importance of serving others.

    On a personal note, thank you so much for your song, “Bring The Rain.” In recent days, that song has become my anthem. On Oct. 22, 2009, my son made a selfish choice (his words) at his work. Temptation got the best of him and he did something that will change the course of his life forever. He loves our Lord, as do I, and he was given the gift of music by Him. He plays his guitar and sings praises to our Father. Unfortunately, the world got in the way. He was arrested and has his plea date on Dec. 8, 2009. He is out of the physical jail right now, but we don’t know what the outcome will be. We know God is with us during this time, as well as, always. I feel His arms wrapped around me. My son is remorseful for what he did. He said he brought it to God and is ready for whatever the consequence may be. The night of my son’s arrest I decided to play some of your music. I had not heard a lot of it before. I put on YouTube and came across, “Bring The Rain.” That song broke me. I was able to cry to our Father and tell Him “Thank You!” Because that song made me realize that yes we will have pain, but we learn through the pain and we move through it to glorify Him.

    God bless you!

  • Natalie Shafer

    ok so i love your guys music it makes me cry and all your songs are inspiring but one thing…………………..COME TO THE QUAD CITIES FOR A TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just expressing my concerns tee hee PLEASE and God bless everyone of you

  • Sandi~MMslob

    Looking at the set list, it makes me so happy to see Won’t Back Down in there (I love your version)…and extremely happy to see One Trick Pony back in the line-up. Hopefully Homesick will eventually get in the set again too. The only bad thing about the set….you’re not playing it in N. CA!!!!!!!!! 🙁