Dothan, AL





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  • Jerrie

    GREAT Show in Dothan, AL. Please come back soon.

  • Lisa

    I’m loving having Brody on the camera with you guys for these shows.

  • Matt

    Great concert last night in Dothan. You guys played an awesome set. Thanks for coming and we look forward to seeing you again soon. It was cool watching Bart and the guys and how happy they were playing and worshiping. You guys really enjoy what you do.

  • Paisley

    Nice pics!

  • Godofwar1982

    To the whole mercy me band i had a great time u was my very first concert i went to i was wondering can u send me a autograh poster i coundn’t get one because i had to go to work i be honered if u do thank u bart,barry,jim,nathan,mike,robby.

  • Kaci

    Hey Guys! My husband and I had a great time at the concert. It was such a blessing. We were so lucky to get front row seats right in the center. The idea of you guys sitting and allowing questions made it personal and interesting. Helps get to know you guys and also loved how you mentioned the reason behind the purpose of the songs you wrote. The passion to sing and spread God’s word is so obvious. Bart smiled and smiled. Everyone was so into it. I sat right in front of Mike and Bart. I wanted to reach out and shake Mike’s hand and say thanks. Bart never made much eye contact because his teeth and cheeks were in the way, therefore, reaching out and shaking his hand was out of the question. Thanks so much! I look forward to being part of another concert with you guys.

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