Lowe’s Motor Speedway

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  • Lisa

    Wow! It’s insanely loud in that pit. I’m not a race fan (but I AM a fan of our fried Race.) You boys looked like you were having a great time!

  • Katherine

    I cannot even begin to tell you how incredibly jealous I am!!! That has got to be THE best sound in the world when they tear by…literally gives me chills!! Nothing like seeing it LIVE!! Glad you got to experience…wish I could’ve been there!!

    GO JIMMIE!!! 🙂

  • TJ

    As I mentioned to Brody a day or so ago on his blog, I know I should not covet and I repent of that (suuuuuure) — but man, ya’lls job simply rules.

    Thanks for sharing guys. Be blessed.

  • Paisley

    That is so awesome! What an amazing experience!

  • Paisley

    That is so awesome! What an amazing experience!

  • WallyfromMichigan

    You guys were right there…grease up to your elbows. It is hard to describe the raw mechanical power that NASCAR delivers until you have been that close. From the expressions on your face you guys were feeling it, smelling it, the whole experience.

    God and Racing…not too many other sports open with prayer (Not to mention that NASCAR will not race on Easter or Mothers day). Amen.

    ps. Thanks for the tweet and greet Thursday…keep doin’ what you do.

  • Bob in NH

    I love NASCAR and the pits. You guys looked like you were enjoying the night. Great race. Hey you did not mention the smell of the grease, oil, and rubber…..
    Hope you had the opportunities to share the Word!
    GOD BLESS and keep on truckin”

  • Gene Weedin

    Nice job Bart! Your race knowledge was just overwhelming. Was Jim driving one of the cars? (he wishes)

  • thehoneyheads

    Wow! Were all those people in the middle of the track there to see Jim Bryson? It’s such a blessing to see all of you having fun like a bunch of kids! Blessings

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