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Well, if you didn’t catch it last night, we broadcast our show from Plymouth, MI online for you all on a new site we set up M.ERCY.ME.  Seems like a pretty easy address to remember right?  However, because of the different venues on this tour, we will try to broadcast as often as we can, but we can’t promise every night.  Really the best way to know when we will be going live is to follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Anyone watch the show last night online?  What part of the world did you watch it from?

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  • TJ

    Absolutely! Enjoyed it from the house in Montgomery, AL!

  • Michael Levitt

    I so wanted to go to this show last night. Hope you had a nice visit in Plymouth, and blessings on the rest of your tour.

    Please come back to the Detroit area!

  • Kari

    I was able to watch the webcast from my home in the metro Detroit area. I’m thankful to have gotten to watch it.

    After hearing Bart’s testimony about his son with Type 1 Diabetes, I really wish that I had been there with my kids. I, too, have a son with Type 1, Robbie. I know that all my boys would have been touched to hear what Bart had to say about when his Sam was diagnosed, and about giving God the glory!!!!

    Thanks Bart, and the rest of the band for doing what you do!

    Kari Ritter

  • Lucia

    I did watch the concert! I’m from Brazil!!! When are you guys coming here??

  • Beth Shenlund

    I loved it. Today is my birthday. 3 years ago in Hoffman Est. @ Life Changers Church I saw MM and AA together. That was magical then. This web cast last night was also just as magical. I met my soon to be husband at that concert 3 years ago. Birthdays and MM what a God given combo.

    Sorry you had some “technical” difficulties Barry. That didn’t take away from the magic of the show. Anytime you want to do it again I’m all in.

    This was the first time I remembered hearing Fee. They were spot on.

    Princeton, IL rocked out to the web cast last night. I’m 1 hour north of Peoria.

  • Neal

    Watched the show from Northern Virginia… Great show can’t wait until your back in the area again.

  • Andy Nicholls

    Hi I watched from Birmingham England
    Awesome show guys. Will you ever be coming over to England.

  • Nick Phillips

    I watched from Cape Breton, NS, Canada. It was awesome! Almost as good as seeing you in person late August! Looking forward to the next one.

  • Sandi~MMslob

    I haven’t gotten to watch yet on this tour, which is killing me because I’ve been a regular MMOB since day 1, but I have had Bible studies and when you’re not on the west coast, you’re on soooo early, that I’m usually not home. I will be making every effort to get on as much as possible…I miss all my buddies. But even more so, SWC Monterey has been too long ago…where’s the N. CA tour dates???? 😉 I’m eagerly awaiting MM concert #13, woot!!!!! Luv ya guys!

  • Tracy

    Hey! Watched you all last night from Sabattus Maine! Loved it!!! Also stuck around after for the chat with Bart, Nate and Barry (could not really hear however- but it was still great!) Keep up the good work guys! God is using you in big ways!!
    God Bless!

  • Hannah

    Thank you soooo much for putting the shows on the internet! I was watching from Bakersfield CA. Loved chatting with Bart, Barry and Nate too.

  • Kevin

    Watched you from close to Austin, Texas. Can’t wait until you guys get back down here… Another Evening with Mercyme would be great!!

  • Dale

    I watched it online from central Iowa. I’ll be going to the Nov. 7 show in West Des Moines. Sooooo looking forward to it!

  • Kevin

    I see you guys are coming to Austin again next month. I saw you when you were here last year, it was great. But this time the ticket prices are way high. > $50 for the cheap seats.. what’s the deal? I won’t be able to go at those prices..

    Maybe you guys should talk to someone here that is selling the tickets..

    Love you guys…

  • Bill

    Was fantastic. Watched from Sugar Land, Texas (southwest of Houston).

    God bless.

  • Katherine

    Well, I was a bit late getting on twitter this morning, but got to see the last 2 songs (which are 2 of my favorites!) and the fun after…from BEIJING, China!! It was an AWESOME start to my morning!! I loved watching all of the shows last year (from Texas), and am glad you are giving us the opportunity again! Thanks!

    What a MIGHTY God we serve!! 🙂

  • KJ

    Watched it right from Hollywood in CA.

    Really enjoyed it. Thank you guys so much and God Bless all of you as you go around for the rest of the tour.


  • Dottie

    I watched from Plant City, Florida. Loved that I could be a part of it! Thanks!

  • Jason

    I watched it from Huntington, West Virginia. Wonderful show.

  • WallyfromMichigan

    I attended the show live and live so close that I was able to be home and catch the last song on the web (had to get my daughter home). My evening started with a tweet & greet (thanks guys) at the local Caribou Coffee. The concert was very good…I laughed, I praised, I cried, I fellowshipped with others (in person and online). What a night! I will be logged in to many other nights on this tour. God has gifted you guys with talent that you use for His glory. Thanks.

  • Melissa

    Hey guys!! I was at the show!! Asking you to come to Canada??? Ahh… thanks for the many blessings!!!!!

  • Karen (MMKaren)

    I saw the show last night from Kankakee, IL. I’m working on being able to see you in Valparaiso, IN in Nov. Great show!

  • Brian

    I watched you from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Almost as good as seeing you live in Nova Scotia in August!

  • kelly (race_12_1)

    I was able to the beginning of the show from Wendover, NV before I left to got to something I already had on my calendar. If I had known about it sooner I may have said no to the other thing =) Seemed like many fo the MMOB’s were in attendance! Will definitely plan on being in attendance for as many as I can.

  • Tina

    Watched last night from Athens, Georgia. Loved every minute of it!

  • Evan

    I watched online from Florida! 🙂

  • Vicki H

    I watched it from Elyria, OH! You guys were AWESOME! I thoroughly enjoyed the show! It was a neat experience to watch online and chat with others also watching online. I stuck around afterward for the chat. It was fun! May the rest of your tour be richly blessed!

  • J Short

    Enjoyed watching from beautiful East Tennesse

  • MikeG

    I watched the show from the 5th row just right of center last night at North Ridge. What a great show! Sorry about the cold weather, but that’s Michigan for ya. Look forward to seeing you again sometime. May God bless the ministry…

  • Jennifer G

    I loved watching last night from (near) Rochester, NY. Thanks so much for broadcasting it live for those of us who wouldnt be able to see it otherwise (Ihave 3 little ones, including a newborn!). 🙂

  • marty

    watched from greenville, tx…sitting in my moms hospital room…amazing as always! love you guys!!!

  • Paisley

    I didn’t get to watch last night but I had a good excuse, I was at the Casting Crowns concert. But Mark did mention you guys. He said “I guess by now you’ve figured out that we are not MercyMe and that we will not be singing I Can Only Imagine”. It was funny the way he said it.

    I have been a regular MMOB like Sandi stated above and I would have been online if I were not at the CC concert last night. I will be online for any of the other concerts you air. Of course it would be a lot better if you guys would come somewhere close so I could see you live. I am having some MercyMe withdrawals because you haven’t got to see you in a long time.

    God Bless!

  • Lisa

    I caught Johnny Diaz and some of Fee, and the very end where you guys were chatting live. We had church last night and I missed most of the concert. Boo.
    My daughter Rebekah represented Merrillville, IN while I was at church though, and from what I heard it was great as usual!

  • Daniel Crowe

    Watching from Charleston, South Carolina!

  • Jack P

    Say you from Sunnyvale, CA. There were a lot of freeze frames and audio cutouts, but what I saw was awesome! Great way to see you guys.

  • Adam

    Absolutely loved the show last night… watched it on-line from my home in South Bend, Indiana. And I also seeing the guys chat afterwards. The short message/story behind some of the songs really hit home. Very powerful time, even through the use of internet. Thanks guys!

  • MIchele

    I watched from Norwood MA. I love listening to you praise! Your words have so much meaning in everyday life! Mercy Me is the Best! I wish the time out’s hadn’t occurred to the stream, but it was better then the night before! Thanks for all you do!

  • Gillian

    Watched it from my living room in Tampa, Florida! Love the show. Bart, you really can preach it! I for one appreciate what y’all are doing. Thank you for not just hearing God, but obeying Him.

  • PabloDG

    Enjoyed your concert lastnight all the way from Mexico!! Dios les Bendiga!

  • Queen Sarah

    Can i get the title of your song with lyrics of princess and fathers saints and sinners kneel at the throne of God. im sorry i dont know the title of this song but it is very powerful.

  • Ash

    i was very excited to see the concert last night! It was very cool!
    I saw it in my bedroom in Dayton, OH. I can’t wait for you guys to come here in Nov.!

  • Julie Weaver

    Hello Gentlemen,
    I was at your concert at Hillvue Heights in Bowling Green, KY. Thanks so much for choosing Bowling Green to put on your touring scheduling. Every lyric has such incredible meaning to my life. It’s as though you have seen my life and read into my every feeling and wrote a song specific to my life. I bought three of your Greatest Hits CD’s one for myself, one for my Mom and one for my sister and her husband who lost their 13 year old son a year ago Oct. 14 (he died of sudden cardiac arrest due to over exurtion playing basketball). They played “I Can Only Imagine” at his funeral. Again, every word had specific meaning in all our lives at that moment and the song meant so much. I wanted the band to sign the copy for my sister Amy and her husband Michael but, could only get the drummer to sign their copy (which by the way, thanks so very much for signing for them it will mean so much). I greatly enjoyed seeing the band in concert and unlike most bands, you sound exactly the same in person as on CD. I believe it’s due to your true faith in the Lord and sincerity. Thank you again for bringing your amazing music to Bowling Green, KY. May you have a safe and fulfilling tour.
    Julie A. Weaver
    810 Holland Rd.
    Scottsville, KY. 42164

  • Cassandra, SLOBer

    Watched from Des Moines Metro. Cannot wait to see MM live at Hope Lutheran on Sat, Nov 7!! =D

    Thanks to all of MercyMe, this includes Brody and his amazing MercyMe online site! 😉 thank you, Brody!

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