What Do You Want To See?

Who reads these post? Seriously…well sort of seriously. In a world where Twitter can reach you no matter where you are, do people still stop to read things longer than 140 letters? Just curious. If you do still frequent our blog, let us know what you want to see on here. More dance videos? Serious insight from the band on current affairs? Boo. Cover tunes? Yay! We want your ideas. Let us know.


Oh and does anyone use myspace anymore?

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  • Heather

    I love this blog! Don’t stop doing it!!

    MySpace is kind of boring now. Go Facebook!

  • Brian Anderson

    No Virginia concert dates????

  • becki.ann

    yeah…as a matter of fact i do read things longer than 140 words ;))…but as a reply to what you are asking, i would absolutely lovee to see more cover tune grab bag songs…maybe you guys could take requests for songs….

  • Lisa Davis

    Hi Bart,

    Do you see the beginnings of Armageddon in the present state of our society?


  • Evan

    I wanna see a Churro Song!!!

  • Michelle

    Myspace…..deleted! Lovin Facebook and Twitter…follow you on both. Blog about the important things to you! Fans want to know what makes you tick! What is God doing for you…all the good sutff, you know.

  • Ann Catt

    I do not use Myspace anymore… it became too much of a dating game for my taste. I would like to know when you will be back on the West side of the states? I am in Northern Idaho and can venture as far as Seattle to see you. My family loves your music! Keep up the awesome work!

  • Deborah

    I read these posts! 🙂 I always like to see pictures, read stories and testimonies from your lives and travels. Info about new music and videos are always great too. I do not use My Space, but I do use Facebook every day.

  • Lisa

    I never used Myspace. I do check your blog every day, and read everything new that you post. Then again, I’m a reader. The convenience of your twitter updates and twitvids is nice, but I would like to see more cover tunes. I like what you’ve always done here, but I would like to see you do it more often. Like I said, yours is one of the top ten blogs I must check daily for new info. It’s always a little sad when there’s nothing new, but no pressure or anything.

  • churchpunk_33

    I definitely still check this blog regularly. This blog has helped MercyMe to become one of my favorite bands. I love Christian music. I like tons of Christian artists, but I think that the way this band opens itself up to fans is amazing and sets it apart from many other bands. Through this blog, fans really get to see what your personalities are. You are all very funny people, and I love to see that side of you. Many bands just give us music, but MercyMe gives so much more. I have read or watched things on this blog that have brightened up some really tough days. The CTGBs and other random videos are one of my favorite features, and as many times as I’ve seen them, I still laugh.

    My favorite thing that you guys do is broadcast the concerts online. When MercyMe is close, I make the effort to get there in person, but I live in a place that does not get many concerts coming through, so I do not get to see really good artists very often unless I travel a distance to see them. Being able to chat after the show is incredible, too. 🙂

  • Curtis Wilson

    The things I would like to see more of is more video footage from most recent concerts. The Holy Spirit is so strong when you guys praise, its really a blessing to always be able to see the most recent footage. Keep it up guys, you all are such a blessing to everyone!! Oh by the way, this from your bothers & sisters in Tulsa!!

    And no, not to many I know use myspace anymore. Most use twitter and Facebook. Jesus bring the rain!

  • Sandi~MMslob

    I still come read your blogs, when you post new stuff. CTGB’s are my favorite. I’m still embarassed about posting a video of me dancing to “Alright”…..wondering what you guys are going to do with those, why not get more laughs, lol. I think videos of you guys acting….well, being you are always entertaining. I don’t know….the more creative, the better, lol. As for myspace, I’m rarely on it…and it’s a shame. I love myspace 10x better and don’t understand why everyone love Facebook so much….you can’t do nearly as much on facebook. HOwever, since everyone I know has converted over to FB, I have been forced to as well, and unfortunately spend more time there.

  • Christy

    I got rid of myspace because of too many problems. There was a lot of ugly things there.

    I like the family posts. It makes you all more “real” people instead of stage people. (make sense?)

    We also like the cover tune grab bags.

    It is neat for different ones of you to post, even if some like to do it better than others. LOL

    Bowling Green is so close and I am so bummed that I can’t make it. I hope you guys have a blast tomorrow.

  • Beth

    No myspace here. YES, I do look at your posts! Look forward to them and all the crazy funny videos! Cover tune grab bags are my favorites…everything else is good too! Whatever you want to post, post it…there will be at least one person reading it! 🙂

  • Beth

    BYW…I don’t twitter either, so you really need to keep the blog up and running! 🙂

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    So when will Mercyme be coming to Phoenix,AZ? I love your music and I would like to see another Concert soon. God Bless you.
    Jeremiah Johnson

  • Susan

    Would love to know what God is saying to you, and about your walk with Jesus! 🙂

  • Josh Wax

    Two things: More cover tunes, and also I’d like to see a monthly segment about trips you take to Baton Rouge, Louisiana… meaning you have to come to Baton Rouge, Louisiana at least once a month, of course.

  • Josh Wax

    oh, and I don’t use myspace anymore either

  • kat

    the 9 year old of the house says more dance videos, please! we love you guys! and for those of us trying to be cool while being completely inept at tweeting, we DO still appreciate an update and a cover tune around these parts. thanks so much for that little window into the mm world you share with all of us here. God continues to use your ministry in amazing ways.

  • Theresa

    I love reading these…keep doing them & lots more Cover Tune Grab Bags, concert video would be great too:-) I don’t twitter and occasionally myspace…mainly just facebook. I always experiance a blessing when I check in on you guys, so keep up the great work!

  • Tina Petersen


  • Tina

    Hey guys! I want to see you come back to Hagerstown MD. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ

  • Tanya

    I like the funny stuff!

  • JesusLivesForMe aka Julie

    MySpace = dead. Love this site, but I think you need to update your profiles, especially the kiddos!

  • Tyler

    More cover tunes please!! they are great! I like your you tube channel there’s a lot of great stuff on there!

  • Paul Wilson

    I would love to see you in Okc. Your concerts are always a blessing and so worshipful. It is always good to hear about the band and how God is using you to bless others. I pray that You may reach souls for God always. You are wonderful and so committed, Thank you for being such a blessing.

  • Ash

    I read these posts. Please more cover tune grab bags. I love videos of everyday stuff where you’re acting crazy. It reminds me of my brothers.
    No, i do not use myspace. I’m strictly a facebook and twitter girl.

  • Ash

    Thanks for the online concert! It was the highpoint of my day. I also really loved you trying to respond to online comments afterwards although they were going faster than you can blink!

  • Terry

    Am thrilled to see your blog when I have the chance to get online.
    Even more thrilling was seeing you guys in concert tonight. Thank you for allowing the Lord to work through your talent and bringing His word through you through your wonderful music!

  • Beth M.

    I don’t tweet,use myspace,or any of those other sites.Post anything you feel like posting.Put more questions for us to answer and videos.

  • Hannah

    I don’t use myspace. Love Facebook and I follow you and all the guys on Twitter.
    Keep posting random videos from the road and family. I love watching them. And Cover Tune Grab Bags. So much fun! I love reading you blog so please don’t stop.
    Thank you sooooo much for streaming the concerts. I watch them whenever possible. It’s so cool that you stream them for free, for anyone to watch. Looking forward to the Fresno Roc and Worship Roadshow. Keep doing what your doing. ~Hannah~

  • Jessica

    I didn’t understand myspace when it was so popular, so I don’t use it. Twitter….I still don’t understand it. I signed up but nothing happened?!? I started using Facebook about a month ago and I log on several times a day…usually. As for this blog I really enjoy seeing the randomness that has become “Behind the scenes of MercyMe”. I check it quite often and I must confess that I am a bit sad when there is not anything new. 🙁 You guys are very anointed and I love your music and ministry. Keep up the great work that God has called you to do!

  • Pokinatcha

    I love your blog & still read it!

    I’d like to see more blog posts authored by Jim, Nathan, Robby & Barry and more tweets from 3 of those 4. You 3 know who you are! Maybe they’ve done a bunch of post and I didn’t pay attention to who authored it.

    I’m missing the slow motion video antics. You guys haven’t done that since Hawaii, I think.

    Charlie and the other MM kids.

    How about sharing a little what you guys are reading in the Word.

    Last time I checked the crew hadn’t updated any blog posts in a long time.

    Finalists for certain dance video. Well ok maybe not. I’m finally over my humiliation.


  • kristina

    Hey there Bart!

    Yes, I am a loyal reader! 😀
    I’d love to see more cover tune grab bags and just some behind the scenes stuff! You guys crack me up and I love stopping by and seeing what you are up to! Love you guys and your music! God bless!

    Oh, and nope on the Myspace. Deleted that account long ago! Yes to Facebook! 😀

  • Randy

    I read it regularly. My favorite is Mike and Barry’s gear and getting their advice on guitar rigging.

  • Bradley

    I read it if something is new, but i don’t read the twitter very much. I would like to see the blogs for every city you play at again. I’m not a big fan of the cover tune grab bags though

  • Melissa

    Love your posts and the cover tune grab bags!

  • Amy

    I still read your blog. I am all for anything funny. I think you should do a weekly cover tune. Whenever I need a good laugh I watch eye of the tiger cover tune grab bag.

  • Karen (MMKaren)

    I love the CTGB and I do read your blog. I also like the updates on Twitter/FB.

    I have a MySpace, but never check it. Facebook is it.


  • Deana

    Oh my……….don’t ever stop….I love reading your blogs…from the serious, to the fun, announcements, cover tunes, prayer requests, family pics, tour info…you have such an ecclectic assortment of items that is posted…and its GREAT!

    And as far as my space….never did it….blogs is it for us ‘mid life’ the kids are raised and moved out group…

    From a devoted Oregon fan…..who wonders why great musicians seldom come to the west coast?

  • Stephanie

    Hey, I like serious posts! 😀 I must concur on the point of myspace, however; Facebook is where it is at. :]

  • Brittany

    Love your blog. Love the cover tunes, dance videos, event schedule, MercyME TV…etc. You’re on my RSS feed so I read every blog. I watched live streaming last night even though I’ve been to your concert this year. Love you guys. Love your music. Keep up the good work.

    I also like your twitter updates and videos. I like knowing that even though you guys are rockstars that you are still human.

    and no…….I don’t use myspace anymore

  • Tony

    Yes, I read this everyday…you guys rock!
    The holy spirit is clearly at work in you and through your music.
    YOU ROCKED in Milwaukee a few months ago – the most “worshipful” event I have ever attended.
    More CTGB’s please…
    I love what you share about your bus antics, family stuff, videos, etc.

    Myspace is so 1983.

  • howie_23

    I think you guys need to keep the blog going. While I follow ya’ll on twitter, it’s not the same has an in depth blog on the work God is doing or your thoughts on the hyperstatic union. While twitter is a great “HI GUYS!” a blog is a much better platform for getting thoughts and ideas out.

    Kill the myspace. I canned mine awhile ago. I’ve started calling myspace the red light district of the internet.

    And I agree w/ my other west coasters. More tours on the coast. Eastern WA would love to see more of you!

  • Adam Riggins

    No, Bart, no one uses Myspace. They do, but just to check out bands that for some reason make that their MAIN website (lame)

  • Toby

    Twitter is turning into a non-stop ad spot….Keep this rollin boys! Love it and I’ll come regardless of what ya put here :-).
    Would be nice, though, to see you’re planning an international concert for the troops in Kaiserslautern, Germany!! :-)….would love to have ya!!

  • buzz

    love this blog!!!! not into myspace anymore, everyone round here uses facebook now. what do we like to see,,,,MORE CTGB’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you guys!!!!!!!! hope ya’ll come back to so. or. again soon 🙂

  • Heidi H.

    Love the Cover Tune grab bag. Stories, videos, and pics from the road are fun too. No MySpace here…strictly Facebook.

  • Paisley

    Love the dance blogs, pics and all of it. I especially like the glimpses that we get into your lives, your wives and your children.

  • Rita Shurino

    I go to this site every evening and love to see anything new or pictures yous have posted never did myspace but was persuaded to join facebook and its alot of interaction and familey fun. you might add a God ‘quote’ or ‘thought,anything that inspires you at the moment to share such as “When I wake up and look out in the morning I see and feel God,s touch of Love” The fall is so beautiful this time of year isn,t it!

  • Kimberly

    I’m still reading and myspace?? Dead and gone, I thought…

  • bittersweetjess

    Never did do MySpace. Got a Twitter acct, but don’t really ‘get it’? Am currently addicted to Facebook (but working on that) and y’all are still on my Google Reader. So, I still keep up w/ the MM blog.
    I think you should put on here whatever y’all feel like putting on here. But, I must say that my 5 and 7 yr old niece and nephew still perster me constantly, anytime I’m on the computer, to watch the CTGB clips and they think the pizap photo thing is the most hilarious thing EVER!

    Can’t wait to hear the ‘new stuff’!! 🙂

  • Ivy Six-Pack

    This is going to sound like a broken record, but…

    My Space – no
    Facebook – yes
    Blog – yes
    CTGB – priceless!!!

    Seriously…this blog helps people see that even though you have amazing songs and can praise Jesus like nobody’s business, that you are real people. Translation…as a real person, I can praise Jesus like nobody’s business and pretend I have amazing songs!

    Thank you for your authenticity (that’s my big word for the day, so must be time to go to bed).

    Oh, and Twitter – seems too invasive to my daily life (there’s your clue that I am older than 30!)

  • Corinne

    I get an e-mail everytime something is posted here. When I do, I come here and read it. If I go a week or so without getting an e-mail, I come to see if something new has been posted. I love seeing picture of the children and having glimpses into your personal lifes. It is reassuring to see that you are the same off-stage as you are on-stage. Keep up the good work.

  • Dee

    Yep, I do read your blog, even though I’m not a big commenter (but that is true for all of the blogs I read). I do follow you on Facebook but no Twitter or Myspace. I love the CTGB and pics/videos/blogs of y’all just being yourselves. As others have said, it just makes you seem more like “real” people and not just a famous band. Plus, y’all are too funny!

  • Casual Friday Every Day

    I’ve been a blogger since 2005 and can honestly say blogging isn’t going anywhere. In fact, twitter is nice and all, but I see twitter fading out sooner than blogging will.

    I much prefer reading blogs.

  • Jen

    I read everytime you post. Keep bring us CTGB!! I love watching those. I’m on FB, so I do get all those posts also. You guys are wonderful. Keep it up. I’m so very bummed that I missed you in MI. Someone had to stay home and wtch the kids while hubby was working. 🙂 God bless.

  • Gabby

    Hey guys!
    God bless, I check your blog at least once a week because I don’t have anything else to follow you guys on. I don’t have a myspace, facebook or anything like that.
    Keep doing what you are, but some other cover tunes grab bag bideos would be awesome!! Especially if you did some contemporary Christian music in your own way 🙂 Hope you come close or into New Jersey sometime!!

  • Beti

    What do I want to see? More songs for one. Advance notice when albums released maybe?

    Don’t stop doing this – actually Twitter is ok for “short” notices, but if you want to communicate with someone or tell someone what’s on, then blogs are still in.

    MySpace is still my favorite. 🙂

    Thanks for singing songs to THE ONE, THE ONLY, OUR LORD. To HIS glory always.

  • Sheryl Honeycutt

    Please do not do away with this way of communicating. Although I do follow on Twitter, I work from home and am at my computer several hours a day and this just makes it easier. Love keeping up with you guys this way. Thanks for letting us put our 2cents in.

  • Ken Row

    I rarely frequent the blog itself — I make the blog come to me. Every single post shows up in my blog reader, and I read them all.

  • hilary

    Blog: yay
    Twitter: yay
    Videos: yay
    Cover Tune Grab Bab: yay

    Myspace: boo
    Current affairs: boo

  • #1FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    U GUYS SHOULD DO A COVER TUNE TO THE SONG “GIMME DAT MOUNTAIN DEW” BY KJ-52!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BTW U GUYS R AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    You guys are doin great. Obviously at LEAST 65 or so of us read this blog, huh? Please keep it going.

    Bart, my name is Chris Morrison. I was at the show at the Akron Civic Theater. Great place, huh? Several years ago I formed an origianal christian light rock band called ServantHeart. We have been in the studio locally here in the Cleveland area for over a year now recording our first CD which will likely be entitled “Eyes of a Child” from the first song we recorded.

    We have had a terrible time keeping the drummer spot filled in ServantHeart. I have a few questions. 1) How did you guys go forward in the times that you were down a drummer? Did it get very frustrating? (I guess that was two.) 3) I would like to send you what we have completed thus far on our CD and get your input and creative thoughts if you would be willing. I would be beyond thrilled and honored. How may I get a copy to you and how can we have an open line of communication back and forth?

    Thank you so much to you and the band for your worship, music, and true inspiration for ServantHeart and I.


  • Abby

    I still read the blog. Like most people, I would love to see more Cover Tune Grab Bags. Those are hilarious. Also, I think it would be cool to hear more about where y’all get inspiration for your songs.

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